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In one way or another, we have all been and will at at least one point in our lives, be victims of conformity. Whether that be down to fear, pressure or the confusion of not really knowing who you are. For much of my teenage years, I in many ways conformed. Whilst I wasn't doing half the things the kids my age were at the time, I still followed along with my group of friends pretending to like the same things as them, laughing at jokes I didn't really find funny and worst of all, even being mean and bitchy when that wasn't really who I was. 

Why do we conform and why did I? Like I said above, there's many reasons and for me, it was mainly out of confusion and frankly, wanting to survive school which for me wasn't always that great. I didn't really who I was - much as most teenagers don't at the time. I was always very aware of what my interests should be, what my aesthetic should be - so that I could fit it and God forbid, not stand out too much

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Since leaving school and secondary education, I have discovered myself in so many ways - from developing my interests and passions to my sense of style and social circles. I've embraced the introvert in me. I've embraced the extrovert in me. I've embraced being a girl with a love of horror and gore as well as being one with a love of beauty and fashion. I've embraced all of the intricacies that make me who I am and most important of all, I've learnt to accept my development and to keep letting myself change and adapt.

It's not easy to do this until you learn how and even then, it's always going to come with its challenges. Most of it comes from the acceptance that your happiness is important and that the opinions of irrelevant people aren't. Distance yourself from people who lack open minds and judge before they know and move closer towards those that accept you for who you are. Realise that are opinions are just that - opinions. They do not warrant respect nor do they warrant agreement especially if the person expressing them to you lacks all respect in their interaction with you.

Most of all, realise that the things that separate you from the people around you are the things that make you most unique - they are the things that people will remember and the things that make you a complex and interesting individual. 

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