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    a shy, reticent person.

For most of my life I have always considered myself a bit of a loner - comfortable in my own company and content without the need of often forced, awkward social interaction. I've always had friends and good ones at that but keeping my circle small has always been what I have preferred. In large groups I tend to feel a bit suffocated and often I can come across as shy and quiet. On the flip side however, I'm strong minded and confident in my actions, I love to talk and enjoy going out and laughing with my friends. And so, I've come to accept that I'm an extroverted introvert and as annoying and confusing as that can be for me sometimes, I've decided that it's okay. We don't all have to be the loudest in the room to still be heard and it's alright to not always want to be around people. Being a introvert however comes with its misconceptions and in todays post, I thought I'd discuss some of the ones I encounter the most. Can you relate too?

People tend to think you're a bitch.

Because you're so quiet and often keep yourself to yourself, people tend to automatically assume you don't like them and therefore, are a bitch. I've had this first impression of me several times from people but luckily, most of them tend to agree I'm actually a really nice person once they get to know me!

Some days you're all for going out, but most days you're a hermit.

If I want to go out you will know about it, believe me. But if I don't, it's like i've disappeared off the face of the Earth. Going out is something I genuinely do enjoy but I'm just not one of these people that can do it too often. I need time to myself and I need time to re-charge - if I can't then everything seems like an impossible effort.

You're a social butterfly with friends but struggle in unfamiliar environments and large crowds.

I love talking. In school, that was the thing I was told off about by teachers the most - I talked too much. But I've got to be comfortable - mainly with the people but also with the subject matter. If not, I'd prefer to keep myself to myself - especially in large crowds. Whilst I like to lead in certain environments and I like my voice heard when I'm making a point, in social situations I just prefer groups to be nice and small!

You just can't do small talk.

I just can't do it. I can't. Give me sitting in silence any day. Silence is comfortable for me - much more comfortable than forced, awkward interaction. You want a philosophical chat or you want to talk about Game of Thrones? Let's do it. But are we going to talk about what we're having for dinner like we even really care? Not me, my friend, not me.

You enjoy meeting new people but your friendship group is selective.

Like I said, I love talking to people and I love meeting new people too. I work in retail and I love when people interact with me and I get to learn what small information such a short interaction can give into a persons unique life. However, I've never been the kind of girl whose friendship group is big. That's always ended in bad experiences for me and I will always prefer having a small and beloved group of good, true friends that I can dedicate my time too any day.

So, are you an introvert? Are you an extrovert? Or are you, like me, a bit of both?  
Either way, keep doing you.

Levinia, xo

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