Happy Monday everyone! It's been a little over a week since I last posted and I'm back today with another liquid lipstick review to add to my ongoing series. Today's review is going to feature are LimeCrime's Velvetines.

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LimeCrime describes these lipsticks as the "original liquid lipstick inspired by rose petals".
In this inspiration, they are designed to be extremely pigmented with a velvety-matte, kiss proof finish. They can be purchased from multiple online shops in the UK such as ASOS, CultBeauty & Love-Makeup for £15.00-£16.00.


I currently own 5 of these liquid lipsticks and they are:

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Bleached - Peachy nude.
Polly - Pink-toned mauve.
Utopia - Neon orchid.
Beet It - Deep berry-toned pink.
Red Velvet - True red.

Packaging, Colour and Pigmentation

As described above, these lipsticks were inspired by rose petals and staying true to this inspiration, the design of the packaging reflects this. I think the packaging looks really beautiful and definitely speaks of quality and an element of luxury too. These are the kind of makeup products you would keep on display. The applicator for this lipstick is the classic doe foot with a fairly short wand which allows for precise, close application and control. 

These lipsticks are very richly pigmented and bold and I believe them to be true to their shade descriptions upon application, too. The colours are definitely matte - I would say their is a slight velvet finish to them but it definitely leans more on the matte side in my opinion. In terms of application and opaqueness, all of these colours go on opaque in one application - with the darker and more unique shades such as Beet It and Utopia perhaps needing a touch more work but definitely not much to achieve a full coat of colour application. Red Velvet is always a colour that I get compliments on simply due to how vibrant of a red it is - the colour is so rich that it really stands out - it's the kind of lipstick that you can pair with a simple eye and face and let it do all the talking for you - which it does! It reminds of me of MAC's Ruby Woo - a true, classic red that is beautiful on everyone.

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Colour variation wise, there's definitely a good amount of choice although they do lean more to the more unique side of shade selection. There are some neutrals and nudes for everyday wear but if you're a little more daring, there are some lovely bold purples, pinks and even some pastel shades too. We also have the classic reds, berry tones and peachy pinks - certainly something for everyone to use.

Application and Wear

As I mentioned above, these lipsticks do apply opaquely to the lips. They're easy to move around and apply without too much colour building up in one area. The applicator gives you a good amount of control and range of movement to achieve a precise finish - though I do still always team my lipsticks with a liner for that perfect shape. These lipsticks do dry in a about 30 seconds to a kiss-proof, matte finish.

On initial application and once dry, these do feel comfortable and very light on the lips. However, they will eventually begin to feel a bit dry but this definitely enables you to gain an amazing amount of longevity. They're not crumbly or cracky on the lips however and the slight dryness doesn't bother me too much as with a decent base of lip balm and good exfoliation to the lips, it's easy to deal with. I'm also a massive fan of liquid lipsticks so a little dryness is fine with me in order to have a long lasting finish - which is what you're getting because of it. I can easily wear these lipsticks for 6-7 hours (perhaps even more) without feeling the need for re-application and this for me is definitely worth it. 

They layer well - although as with all liquid lipsticks that are on the dryer side, make sure to apply thinly and evenly for best results. You can also pat a balm on the top of the lipstick to improve comfort or even a little gloss to change up the look later in the day. They may wear away ever so slightly in the middle of the lip after 7+ hours of wear but this is very minor and for such longevity is expected. When eating and drinking there is little to no transfer.

Overall Thoughts:

These are one of my all time favourite liquid lipstick formulas and these definitely rank very highly for me based on all the ones I have tried. They are extremely pigmented, go on opaquely and wear for a really long time. Yes there's slight dryness but honestly, it's not a massive amount and for the wear time you're getting and the awesome pigmentation, it is so worth it for me. I would definitely recommend these - especially if you're into bolder, richer colours because this is exactly what you get with this brand. Love, love, love!

Have you ever tried LimeCrime's Velvetine lipsticks? 
What are your thoughts and feeling on them?

Levinia, xo

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