Hello everyone! Long time no blog post I know, but today i'm back and with a pretty substantial review for you of some items from the skincare brand: The Ordinary

The Ordinary has been raved about recently in the beauty community and everyone is talking about their products. I did some research on the brand and read some reviews and made some educated purchases of products I thought I'd enjoy integrating into my skincare routine. After using these products for some time now, I feel that I'm going to able to provide you with some authentic opinions on what I think of them! Enjoy.

First, let's begin with some background on The Ordinary as a company. They are owned by a larger conglomerate falling under the umbrella of the company DECIEM. Other well known companies owned under this umbrella are Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand and NIOD to name but a few. The ethos of The Ordinary as a business and brand is focused upon ideas of integrity in a humble and true form. This is most clearly reflected in both the simple design and aesthetic of the brand and it's products as a whole. It is also reflected in the price point of the products as they are certainly more reasonable that other brands that DECIEM own. The Ordinary as a business functions under the ethos and mission statement of "Clinical Formulations with integrity".

pixie glow tonic, the ordinary toner

This is an acid formulation of 5% which is fairly mild for exfoliation. It's a great starting point for individuals who want to start introducing acids into their skincare routine and have not yet built up a tolerance for it. Lactic acid is well known as a milder acid better for sensitive skin types which is why I went for it. As I don't have a great detail of experience with using acids just yet, I find that this is potent enough for me to see results. My skin is definitely softer and brighter when using this and I find dryer patches are eradicated after using this for a few days in a row. At £5.50, it's a bargain and definitely worth purchasing if you're wanting to try acids in your skincare routine for the first time.

Buffet is a multi-peptide serum to be used in the AM and PM after cleansing. Serum's (due to their molecular structure) can often get deeper into the skins layers than a moisturiser can on its own so it's great to use them prior in order to boost skins hydration. They're also often loaded with beneficial and concentrated ingredients such as this serum which is packed with amino acids to fight and target signs of ageing. I love serums and they are one of the main things I always suggest people invest into and incorporate into their routines. I love this one and have almost used it all up! It goes a long way and comes in a handy dropper packaging which makes it easy to dispense and use on the skin. This one is definitely a stand out product for me.

This product is a derivative of vitamin C - as described on their website, The Ordinary state that vitamin C is unstable with water and so Abscorbyl Glucoside as a water-soluble derivative makes it a lot more compatible therefore producing a product that has a workable, pleasant serum texture. Vitamin C is brightening and great at reducing signs of ageing. I like to therefore use it in the mornings due to it's brightening characteristics.

the ordinary glycolic solution toner

This is a glycolic acid based toner which is very similar to the popular Pixi tonic that is a cult favourite in the beauty community. This however is actually a fair amount of cheaper (more than half the price) and has a 2% higher concentration of glycolic acid. So, if you're a fan of Pixi's Glow Tonic and want a cheaper alternative, I'd definitely suggest this one! I enjoy using this product in the morning as it's a fast easy way to use an acid as part of my AM routine.

Overall, I'm pleasantly suprised by the products that The Ordinary has to offer. I think this is a great brand for those wanting to incorporate more complex steps into their routines through the uses of serums, acids and peptides or vitamins - due to the low price point this is made easier and less daunting to do so. Whilst a lot of the concentrations are fairly low in most of the products, for those who are new to them and have low tolerances (specifically those with younger skin / skin not used to such ingredients), these are going to be a great basis for introducing such things to their skincare routine. It's also a great introduction to DECIEM as a company and can certainly act a platform to the introduction of their other companies and the products that they produce too.

Have you tried The Ordinary? What are your thoughts?



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