I love lipsticks and in recent months, I've been specifically obsessed with liquid lipsticks. As my collection grows and I try new brands, new formulas and new products, I've decided to start doing a more extensive review series. In this series, I plan to provide in depth reviews of the different liquid lipsticks certain brands have to offer as well as compile a rated and regularly updated list of them too. 
As with my normal beauty reviews, I will provide information about the brand, discuss the pigmentation and application of the product as well as show you swatches and compare wear time.  

kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks

In this review, we're going to begin with the coveted Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks by Kat Von D. They are described as creamy lipsticks that apply like a gloss and finish to a true matte look. They currently retail in the UK at £17.00 and can be purchased in Debenhams.
I currently own 5 lipsticks from this range - all of which I've had a good amount of wear time with in order to provide an accurate and informative review for you guys. The shades that I own are:


kat von d liquid lipstick swatches

Mother - Darker cool pink.
Lovesick - Cool toned pink. 
Double Dare - Warm coral.
Lolita - Warm plum.
Bauhau5 - Cool berry.

Packaging, Colour & Pigmentation

Much to the iconic aesthetic of Kat Von D as an individual, the packaging of these lipsticks are inspired equal parts by elegant gothic style and modern, sleek design. The lipstick application is a doe foot shape making it easy to apply around the contour of the lip - although the length of the applicator is longer than most - this therefore takes a bit of getting used to but it's easy enough to do so with use and practise. 

In terms of pigmentation, as you can see by the swatches, these lipsticks are richly pigmented. The colours are matte yet have a creaminess to them - they're fairly true to their colour descriptions with only a few minor alterations that I'd personally make. Lolita is the main colour whose description I feel is slightly off - whilst in its original formulas it may have been more of a truer plum, I feel that this current formula (at least the batch of lipstick I have) is more on the brown side. It actually goes on quite dark on my fairer skin tone - on the contrary to certain swatches you may see of the colour online. 

kat von d liquid lipsticks

There's a rich variation of colours available in this lipstick range - there's the typical neutrals, pinks  and reds we'd come to expect but also some lovely unusual and alternative colours for those of us who like to be a little more daring in our lipstick choices. There are blues, deep vampiric reds, bright purples and even a black in the range - something for everyone. 

Application & Wear

As stated above, these lipsticks are rich in their pigmentation. When applied to the lips, they stay true to this for the most part and apply opaquely to the lips. The only colour I find needs a little bit more work is the berry colour "Bahau5" which I have found can be a little bit patchy in places.

Once dry, these lipsticks feel creamy and light on the lips. Due to their matte formula, a lot of liquid lipsticks tend to dry down and be quite drying on the actual lips themselves as well. These however I find to stay fairly comfortable even hours into wear - I don't feel myself wanting to lick at my lips and there's little to no tightness felt when I move them either. 

As they are creamier than these formulas tend to be, there's slight transfer on certain colours (specifically deeper ones) when eating and drinking - oils in foods and water can tend to break down even the most dry lipstick and this doesn't bother me too much as they're non-transfer for the most part. They do wear well and when they do fade, I find it be even. Most importantly for me, they also layer well and it's easy to top up my colour and get it looking freshly applied once again.

I can wear these lipsticks comfortably for at least 6 hours without the need to re-apply.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, I'm a big fan of these lipsticks. I love this formula and it's easily one of my favourites mainly due to how comfortable they are to wear. There is slight (and I mean slight) transfer and some colours take a little bit more work to avoid patchiness, but with only a bit more patience than usual, they're rich in colour payoff and wear really well on the lips. There's an array of colour choice for the lipstick junkie and I'd definitely recommend these to you if you've been looking at them or if you're simply new to liquid lipsticks and want a good place to start.

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, I will be compiling a ranking table of the liquid lipsticks I own so do look out for where this lipstick and others rank for me in upcoming posts once I've released a few more reviews!

Have you tried the KVD liquid lipsticks? What are your thoughts?

Levinia, xo

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