Over the past year or so, my interest in the importance of skincare has increased - I have become a lot more concerned with researching ingredients, products, brands and learning more about what works for my skin's needs. Within that, it has meant that there have been some changes in the products I use and the steps I take in my daily skincare regime. I've been trying some new brands over the past few months and today I'm going to be reviewing one of those for you; Emma Hardie

I first heard of the brand Emma Hardie whilst watching one of my favourite Youtuber's; Stephanie Nicole. It was a video about her PM skincare routine and in it she mentioned her favourite cleanser for removing makeup: Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. Not long after I'd watched this video, I happened upon the brand on sale in M&S and whilst considering purchasing the balm (which I did find to be on the pricer side initially), I discovered it being sold in a set. The set was a ridiculously good deal at around £65.00 for a worth of £130.00 in products so I decided to purchase this instead.
In this blog post, I will be reviewing 3 of the full sized items that were in the set; letting you know what I think of them and how they worked for me. 

emma hardie skincare

About the Brand:

Emma Hardie is described as a brand to "suit all skin types and to work with the skin's natural functions". 
The award winning skincare brand utilises the natural power of botanicals and a holistic approach in the creation of their products.

emma hardie brilliance facial oil

This is a facial oil in a dropper packaging that is available in a 30ml size. I love to personally use facial oils and they're in my mind one of the most important products you can use in your skincare routine. This oil contains an abundance of botanicals and essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon, Rose and Orange. As this is more of a "treatment" oil I like to apply it alone to my skin, patting it in gently so that it is soaked up. I would then layer this with my night cream mixed with a moisturising carrier oil such as argon or rosehip. 

I do really enjoy this oil and I definitely find that it makes my skin feel and look plumper with a beautiful, healthy looking glow left behind. I like that it is packed with so many essential oils and each of them have an abundance of properties that can be used to benefit the skin. What I would like to see however is a formula that perhaps does not contain fragrance. Whilst I do have sensitive skin and tend to avoid any products with fragrance, I don't actually find this to irritate me to my surprise but nonetheless it is a worry for myself and others with more sensitive, vulnerable skin. As a brand that is so focused on being natural and focus on it's use of botanicals, it would be nice for them to leave behind artificial fragrance. 

EH Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask - £36.00

This is a facial mask targeted mainly for older skin. It's aim is to provide firmer, smoother and more radiant looking skin - it's brightening element is one of the reasons I like to personally use it. When applied, it actually applies more like a thick cream. It does sit on the skin and is visible on it like a traditional mask, but much of it does sink into the pores over time. It's consistency also means that it does go quite far due to it applying more like a cream so I think a tube of this size would definitely get you a decent amount of uses. 

This can be wiped off like mosts masks are after an application of 5-10 minutes or it can be left on overnight for a more intense treatment. This mask brightens my skin and after application, I definitely feel that my skin looks more radiant and feels slightly plumper. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and due to this it does help to provide some slight exfoliation to the skin leaving it feeling smoother after use as well. I really enjoy using this mask and I like to do so 1-2 times a week when my skin is feeling and looking dull. 

emma hardie moringa cleansing balm

This is easily my favourite product of the three i'm mentioning in this blog post and its probably one of my favourite cleansers that I have ever used. This is a cleansing balm intended for use with a cloth dampened with warm/hot water. Referred to as a "spa in a jar" this balm is infused with grape seed oil, almond oil, orange peel extract and jasmine to provide a soothing, moisturising yet effective cleanse. It smells wonderful having a light yet pleasant citrus scent and feels like such a luxury to use.

Due to it's smooth balm consistency, it is perfect for removing makeup. Only a small almond size amount is enough to apply to the whole face and melt away makeup including stubborn products like liquid lipsticks. Unlike most oil based products, this doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and instead actually leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and soothed. A little bit of this goes such a long way due to it's consistency and I've had my jar (which I've now sadly finished) for about 3 months. I love this cleanser and would definitely recommend it - though it is on the pricier side for a cleanser. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with Emma Hardie as a brand. I love their natural standpoint and I like the fact that a lot of their products are packed full of essential oils and botanicals - these are ingredients that I'm looking for in my skincare products now. My standout product by far is the Mooring Cleansing Balm and it's one that I will definitely be repurchasing. If you're looking for spa-like, luxurious skincare products with a focus on natural ingredients, this is certainly a brand I'd recommend. 

Have you tried Emma Hardie's products? What do you think of them?

Levinia, xo


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