Over the past year or so, my interest in the importance of skincare has increased - I have become a lot more concerned with researching ingredients, products, brands and learning more about what works for my skin's needs. Within that, it has meant that there have been some changes in the products I use and the steps I take in my daily skincare regime. I've been trying some new brands over the past few months and today I'm going to be reviewing one of those for you; Emma Hardie

I first heard of the brand Emma Hardie whilst watching one of my favourite Youtuber's; Stephanie Nicole. It was a video about her PM skincare routine and in it she mentioned her favourite cleanser for removing makeup: Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. Not long after I'd watched this video, I happened upon the brand on sale in M&S and whilst considering purchasing the balm (which I did find to be on the pricer side initially), I discovered it being sold in a set. The set was a ridiculously good deal at around £65.00 for a worth of £130.00 in products so I decided to purchase this instead.
In this blog post, I will be reviewing 3 of the full sized items that were in the set; letting you know what I think of them and how they worked for me. 

emma hardie skincare



I love lipsticks and in recent months, I've been specifically obsessed with liquid lipsticks. As my collection grows and I try new brands, new formulas and new products, I've decided to start doing a more extensive review series. In this series, I plan to provide in depth reviews of the different liquid lipsticks certain brands have to offer as well as compile a rated and regularly updated list of them too. 
As with my normal beauty reviews, I will provide information about the brand, discuss the pigmentation and application of the product as well as show you swatches and compare wear time.  

kat von d everlasting liquid lipsticks



Hello everyone! Long time no blog post I know, but today i'm back and with a pretty substantial review for you of some items from the skincare brand: The Ordinary

The Ordinary has been raved about recently in the beauty community and everyone is talking about their products. I did some research on the brand and read some reviews and made some educated purchases of products I thought I'd enjoy integrating into my skincare routine. After using these products for some time now, I feel that I'm going to able to provide you with some authentic opinions on what I think of them! Enjoy.

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