Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you guys have all been enjoying the lovely hot weather we've been having these past few days in the UK. 
On hot days, neutral and more minimal makeup looks are a go to from both a practical and aesthetic level for a lot of makeup wearers. With that in mind, I thought I'd post a first impressions on a eyeshadow palette that's all about that neutral eye look: TooFaced's Natural Love Palette.

The Natural Love Palette is a 30 shade palette containing a mixture of matte, shimmer and sparkle shadows. It contains some brand new shades as well as some favourites from previous palettes in the brands "Natural Eye" collections. Here's what the TooFaced website has to say about it:

Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino was inspired to put a modern spin on the natural eyes concept with 30 dream shades that allow you to create the best natural look. He took the most beloved shades from past bestselling natural eye palettes and paired them with cutting-edge textures and brand new colors. Now you can go from “I woke up like this” ease to sexy, seductive and everything in between. It’s the ultimate library of natural shades developed for professional makeup artists and packaged for real, fabulous women. 

This palette has 7 matte shades, 13 shimmer and 10 sparkle finishes. The colours range from light neutral shades to darker, more intense shades like "Smokin'" and "Stiletto" to smoke out a look if you wanted too. There's a nice range of classic neutral tones in the form of light pinks, golds and browns but there's also some beautiful copper shades in there too such as "Honeymoon" and "Hot and Bothered". Overall, I think there's a great amount of versatility in this palette and there's definitely room to create both simple and more detailed looks here.

too faced natural lover palette

The one thing I would like to see is some more mattes of a medium/warm brown variety as I think these make for the perfect transition and blending shades to pair with the shimmers. I think taking away some sparkle and shimmer shades and replacing them with more matte ones would have been a better choice in the palette as I feel that mattes are great at balancing out a shimmer look and allowing for easier blending and transitioning between shades.

Overall though, I think this is a lovely palette and is definitely one to look at for those who enjoy neutral and shimmer based eyeshadow looks. There's a workable variety here to achieve some pretty looks and I think at £52.00 for 30 eyeshadows, there's definitely value for money in this purchase too. If you're not a neutral fan and already have your basic shades, you can probably skip this one but if you can't get enough of shimmers and sparkle, I'd definitely take a peak at this at a TooFaced counter near you.


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