Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you've all had a good weekend and that despite it being Monday (boo), your day is going / goes well. Over the past few weeks I have accrued some fabulous beauty bits that I thought I'd compile for you into a collective haul post. Expect reviews to proceed this post as I get to know these products a little better and collect my thoughts on them!

First of all, I picked up TooFaced's "Papa Don't Peach" blush which is part of their Sweet Peach collection. I ordered this particular blush from TooFaced's websites upon seeing my friend Heather's - it looked so beautiful that I knew I had to have it too. I love peach blushes and I think they're extremely versatile so I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this one.

Easily one of my favourite makeup purchases, ever. This is the infamous Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I got this palette about a month ago and I have honestly never received so many compliments and lovely comments than I have when wearing this palette. The shades in this palette are beautiful and so flattering on all eye colours. And let me tell you; they blend like a dream and are easily some of the most pigmented shadows I have ever used. This is SUCH a good palette and I can't wait to review it for you!

Upon recommendation from a lovely friend at work, I picked up this beautiful Baked Gelato Swirl highlighting palette from Laura Gellar. This is my first product from the brand but I have heard great things about their products and in particular, their highlighters. 

Last but not least, I picked up a Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick. I love me a liquid lipstick and I have heard good things about these ones so I decided to give one a try whilst having a look in the beauty section at M&S. So far, I'm liking this formula so stay tuned for a review soon!

What beauty product have you bought lately? Have you tried any of the above?

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