Periods. For most women that experience them, they are annoying, painful and for quite a lot of us, they are often hard to track too. This can make for some unwanted surprises when P-day finally comes around. Some women do find it easy to track their periods and find themselves to be fairly regular each month - I, however happen to be one of those women who are irregular in their menstrual cycles.

Why exactly irregularity occurs has several answers. The answer for me and the answer too for a lot of women is stress. Stress can not only be an emotional affliction but it can manifest itself in physical ways as well - such as causing late and subdued periods. So, I recently decided that I wanted to look into better understanding my cycle and I came across an app called Clue. When I looked into its purpose and what it allowed you to do, I thought it was an amazing idea and just what I needed. 

Clue allows you to input as much or as little data about your cycle as you wish. This includes variables such as emotions, food cravings, sexual activity and sleep. The more you record, the more accurate Clue is at predicting elements of your cycle. The app also provides helpful "Insights" along the way as you use the app which provide interesting pieces of information about elements of the menstrual cycle.

Whether you're having trouble tracking your period or not, Clue is a fabulous tool to allow you to better understand not only your period but your body and its inner workings too which I think is awesome. It serves not only as a useful tracking tool but as something that educates and informs its consumers.

 And even better? It's totally free to download from your phone's app store.

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