I love lipsticks - especially liquid lipsticks. They're long lasting, highly pigmented and most of them are pretty comfortable too. So, being a product that I love so much, it's safe to say that I'm always in the market to buy and find more! ColourPop has been a brand that I have seen around social media for quite some time and for a while now, I have been wanting to try their products. An indie brand however, Colourpop is fairly difficult to get in the UK - at least it was before I discovered the site Glammua which stock a lot of difficult to find, independent beauty brands.

So, I visited the site and made a purchase of 2 lipsticks from the brand - they have multiple variations and finishes in their lip products but I went for their Ultra Matte Lip. After doing some Googling of their shades and looking at swatches, I decided to go with the colours "1st Base" and "Donut". 

1st Base is a beautiful, muted mauve-pink and Donut is a bright, peachy coral shade. I've only tried Donut as of yet on the lips but to give a brief first impression, I found the colour to be lightweight and highly pigmented in one swipe. 

I'm excited to really give these lipsticks a full test and bring you a full review on my thoughts and feelings on them. Let me know if you have ever tried Colourpop's liquid lipsticks and what your thoughts are!

These lipsticks retail for £9.00 on Glammua's website.

Levinia, x

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