As a serial hair dyer, haircare has always been a very important and necessary step for me. Damage is of course inevitable when dying the hair and whilst it can't really ever be prevented, it can be managed and proteins and nutrients can be added back into the hair to at least partly restore it back to health. 
Whilst trimming and the removal of dead ends is an important step in keeping hair healthy, I have also found some great products that I found to be effective (at least aesthetically). In todays post, I'm going to show you these products and tell you why I love them so much!

AUSSIE Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray

This is essentially a leave in conditioner - it can applied to either damp or dry hair and should be sprayed evenly throughout and combed through. I always apply this on my hair when it's damp as I personally prefer the results. I find this to not only be conditioning, but it also adds some much needed shine to my hair too once it's dry. It's great for detangling as well which I find can sometimes be an issue on my finer, long hair. I've repurchased this several times and it's definitely a cult favourite for me!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave in Treatment

Whilst this product is meant to stimulate hair growth, I use it mainly as a source of nourishment and conditioning for the hair. It contains nutrients and proteins which I have found at least from an aesthetic standpoint have improved how my hair looks and feels. Does it promote hair growth? I can't really be sure but I have noticed steady, consistent growth in my hair and am continuing to do so.

Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil 

I love oils for my hair as moisture and a lack of it can be an issue when using colourants. The problem is, with locks on the finer side, certain oils and products in general can be far too heavy. This oil however is not and I find it to be easy to apply and weightless even in my hair. As with all oils, I keep this applied to the mid-lengths and ends - where the hair is driest and in need of moisture the most. I do find that this product locks into the hair well and it does help to define my colour and add a lovely shine too.

MoroccanOil Treatment - Light

The benefits of Moroccan Oil are well known and this is probably my favourite oil product for the hair. It has a wonderful smell to it that lasts throughout the day and I really find that it penetrates the hair follicle and provides my hair with moisture and visible shine. As with the oil above, I apply this to damp hair focusing on the mid lengths and ends but I do also occasionally also like to finish off a style with this too by applying a tiny amount all over. This product comes in two variations depending on your hair type - a normal formula for thicker hair and a light formula for finer hair making it an accessible and versatile product for everyone. 

There you have my current favourite post wash haircare products. 
Are any of these in your favourites?

Levinia, x


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