Hey guys! Today's post is yet another Lush focus in which I review a specific goodie from Lush and tell you all about it. On the blog today is Magic Wand - a reusable, candy scented Christmas bubble bar, enjoy!

Here's what Lush has to say about this product:
Conjure up candy suds. Close your eyes, swish your Magic Wand in the tub as it fills, and your wish for mounds of sweet cotton candy-scented bubbles will be granted! There’s enough magic in this wand for several baths full of candy-scented bubbles and sweet pink waters, so pop it on the side of your tub for the next time you need a magical bathtime escape.

As the description states, Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar - the bubbles themselves are created by swishing the bubble bar in running water until satisfied. The scent of the bar is much like that of the much loved Snow Fairy and this factor definitely makes it one of my favourite Christmas products from Lush. I'd say you can get around 3-5 baths from it making it also one of most cost effective bubble bars in the range which is always something that I look for!

The design of this bubble bar is also super cute with the glitter coating and the pretty little silver bow wrapped around the handle with a bell attached - it's festive yet still girly and cute which I love!

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