What I Got For Christmas: Beauty Edition

Hello everyone and happy 2017! It's weird to say that but it's also exciting to be at the start of another year. In this post, I thought I'd reflect on and share with you some of the items I received for Christmas. This isn't everything - certain things I'm going to leave for reviews / focused posts but it's most of the beauty type gifts I was lucky enough to receive from friends and family members. 

Whilst I'd like to hope most people would already know this, this post isn't to brag about the things I received. I'm an inherently nosey individual and I love seeing the lovely things people buy and receive be it at Christmas, birthdays or as part of a haul, so I thought I'd also create my own "What I Got for Christmas" post too. Needless to say I'm so grateful for receiving the presents that I did and even more importantly than that, I feel blessed to have such wonderful, caring and loving people in my life. Soppiness over with, let's jump right in!

I received three perfumes in total this year from my friends and family - a fact a perfume junkie like me is more than excited about. I've really been getting into fragrance this past year so it's safe to say I was really happy to receive some this year for Christmas. The scents I got were Olympea by Paco Robanne, Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf and finally Gucci Bamboo by Gucci. I'll list the scent notes in the captions of the perfumes' photo just incase you're interested too! I'd been lusting over all three of these scents for quite a while - particularly Bon Bon so I'm really excited to start wearing them all.

Scent Notes:
Gucci Bamboo by Gucci: Top - Bergamot, Heart - Ylang-Ylang & Orange Blossom, Base - Amber & Sandalwood
Bon Bon by Viktor & Rolf: Top - Mandarin & Peach, Heart - Caramel, Base - Amber, Sandalwood & Cedar
Olympea by Paco Roxanne: Top - Green Mandarin & Jasmine, Heart - Vanilla, Base - Cashmere Wood & Sandalwood
Next off I got these stunning brushes from Zoeva. As a makeup lover and wearer, new beauty tools always come in handy and it's a bonus when they're as pretty as these ones are. I loved the Zoeva brushes I had previously but had never delved much into their facial brushes and had only really tried their eye ones. I'm really excited to have a play around with all of the brushes in this collection - I can see all of them being staples that I'll be using regularly.

Zoeva Rose Gold Collection Brush Set Volume 2
Let's also just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful design of these brushes as well as that gorgeous rose gold bag too!

Next off I got this MAC palette - it features 9 purple toned shades and I absolutely love it. Purple is my favourite colour and I love how it looks on my blue eyes. I've never tried any MAC shadows before so I'll be looking forward to testing out this palette.

This palette also has a great range of light to dark shades so I feel as if there's a lot of opportunity for a multitude of different looks. As you can see there is also a lot of different finishes in these shadows from mattes, to shimmers to satins.

MAC Purple x 9 Palette
The final beauty item I received for Christmas that I wanted to share with you is this Natural Eyes palette from TooFaced. I am a massive TooFaced fan - especially when it comes to their palettes. I think they have amazing pigmentation and such buttery formulas. I'd been eyeing up this palette for quite a while mainly for it's beautiful shimmer shades. I think a neutral palette is always so versatile in a makeup collection and I can't wait to use this one.

TooFaced Natural Eyes Palette

And there you have my Christmas beauty haul featuring most of the beauty products I was lucky to get for Christmas this year. As I mentioned before, there are some beauty products I got that aren't included in this post and that's because I wanted to feature them in posts of their own. I also got some fashion pieces that I'll be showcasing in some upcoming posts soon too so please do stay tuned for that if you're interested.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year and I'd to see your Christmas haul posts if you've written any too so please do send the link for them my way! As always, thanks so much for reading and have a happy Monday.


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