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My current favourite makeup product has to be the highlighter. I love adding a pop of glow to my makeup look and I really love the difference that it makes. It's safe to say then that I'm a fan of shopping around for highlighters too and one brand in particular that can always be heard of when doing so is BECCA. 

BECCA is a brand that has recently come into the limelight in the past few years - specifically through its highlighters and their popularity on social media and with influencers and bloggers. Originally established by Australian makeup artist Rebecca Morris, BECCA has grown hugely in popularity and has a whole range of products to offer that specialise and providing a beautiful, natural and glowing look to your skin. In this blog post, I'm going to show you and write about 3 highlighters from the brand and tell you my thoughts on them - 2 are pressed highlighters and one is a liquid formulation.

The first product that I ever purchased from BECCA was the highly coveted and equally popular Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed highlight in the shade "Champagne Pop". One of the reasons that this is such a popular shade (other than it being completely beautiful) is that it was co-created by successful Youtube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. This partnership with the brand has made Champagne Pop easily one of the most well known products in BECCAs collection. It is described as an apricot-gold shade which I'd say is pretty accurate. 

In regards to formulation, this highlight is very finely milled and applies beautifully to the skin without fall out or any kick up of product on the brush. It blends smoothly onto the skin and adds a natural yet buildable glow. This is a beautiful shade that is especially suited for warmer undertones in my opinion, but I think it's definitely versatile nonetheless.

The next highlighter I purchased from BECCA is also one of their Shimmering Skin Perfector's - this time in "Moonstone" - another cult favourite from the brand. Moonstone in comparison to Champagne Pop is also a gold shade but this time, it's a more muted gold with a slightly cooler undertone. This is a lovely, flattering highlight shade - perfect for lighter skin tones. Whilst they are the same formulation, I do feel that Moonstone is ever so slightly smoother and more finely milled than Champagne Pop - I really feel that it blends just a touch more softly than the latter and for me, it's definitely my favourite out of the two.

 As you can see, Moonstone is smaller than Champagne Pop in the above image and that's because it's a mini sized product that I received in the BECCA mini "Glow on the Go" collection that also came with the liquid illuminator I'm going to talk about. The illuminator is referred to as a "Shimmering Skin Perfector" as well - though of course, not in pressed form like the others. The shade of this is also Moonstone and is meant either as a standalone product or one that can also be used with it's pressed counterpart. Like with other liquid highlighters, this product can be used alone on the skin for a natural glow or mixed with foundation / moisturiser for a "glow from within" kind of look. This is a lightweight product and one I like to use alone sometimes for a more natural, subtle highlight. It blends very nicely into the skin - especially with a damp sponge. This is a lovely liquid highlight and a little bit of it goes a very long way so you definitely don't need much.

What are your thoughts on BECCA products?


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