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    a shy, reticent person.

For most of my life I have always considered myself a bit of a loner - comfortable in my own company and content without the need of often forced, awkward social interaction. I've always had friends and good ones at that but keeping my circle small has always been what I have preferred. In large groups I tend to feel a bit suffocated and often I can come across as shy and quiet. On the flip side however, I'm strong minded and confident in my actions, I love to talk and enjoy going out and laughing with my friends. And so, I've come to accept that I'm an extroverted introvert and as annoying and confusing as that can be for me sometimes, I've decided that it's okay. We don't all have to be the loudest in the room to still be heard and it's alright to not always want to be around people. Being a introvert however comes with its misconceptions and in todays post, I thought I'd discuss some of the ones I encounter the most. Can you relate too?



Happy Sunday, everyone! I'm bring you a Face of the Day in this post - this look features on my newest beauty additions; the Naked Heat palette which was gifted to me by my wonderfully generous friend, Shazia. Expect a review on the palette soon but to let you know my opinions in short, I do really like the palette and I'm really impressed by its quality and the colours within it. 

So, in this look I went for a orange-toned smokey eye and added a bit of a metallic sheen in the centre of the lid. I kept to this orange theme and used a warm toned lipstick in the form of Kat Von D's Double Dare - one of my new favourite lipsticks. I used my go-to bronzer and highlight duo in the form of Nyx's Matte Bronzer in Light as well as their Taupe blush for some added depth and then my beloved Moonstone highlighter from Becca.


Benefit | That Gal Primer
Bourjois | Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 52
Maybelline | Fit Me Concealer in 15
Rimmel | Match Perfection Loose Powder
Nyx | Matte Bronzer in Light
Nyx | Blush in Taupe
Becca | Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone
BeautyUK | Brow Palette
Benefit | Gimme Brow in 03
Soap and Glory | Thick and Fast Mascara
Kat Von D | Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare
Mario Badescu | Facial Spritz
Urban Decay | De-Slick Setting Spray



Over the past year or so, my interest in the importance of skincare has increased - I have become a lot more concerned with researching ingredients, products, brands and learning more about what works for my skin's needs. Within that, it has meant that there have been some changes in the products I use and the steps I take in my daily skincare regime. I've been trying some new brands over the past few months and today I'm going to be reviewing one of those for you; Emma Hardie

I first heard of the brand Emma Hardie whilst watching one of my favourite Youtuber's; Stephanie Nicole. It was a video about her PM skincare routine and in it she mentioned her favourite cleanser for removing makeup: Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. Not long after I'd watched this video, I happened upon the brand on sale in M&S and whilst considering purchasing the balm (which I did find to be on the pricer side initially), I discovered it being sold in a set. The set was a ridiculously good deal at around £65.00 for a worth of £130.00 in products so I decided to purchase this instead.
In this blog post, I will be reviewing 3 of the full sized items that were in the set; letting you know what I think of them and how they worked for me. 

About the Brand:

Emma Hardie is described as a brand to "suit all skin types and to work with the skin's natural functions". 
The award winning skincare brand utilises the natural power of botanicals and a holistic approach in the creation of their products.

This is a facial oil in a dropper packaging that is available in a 30ml size. I love to personally use facial oils and they're in my mind one of the most important products you can use in your skincare routine. This oil contains an abundance of botanicals and essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon, Rose and Orange. As this is more of a "treatment" oil I like to apply it alone to my skin, patting it in gently so that it is soaked up. I would then layer this with my night cream mixed with a moisturising carrier oil such as argon or rosehip. 

I do really enjoy this oil and I definitely find that it makes my skin feel and look plumper with a beautiful, healthy looking glow left behind. I like that it is packed with so many essential oils and each of them have an abundance of properties that can be used to benefit the skin. What I would like to see however is a formula that perhaps does not contain fragrance. Whilst I do have sensitive skin and tend to avoid any products with fragrance, I don't actually find this to irritate me to my surprise but nonetheless it is a worry for myself and others with more sensitive, vulnerable skin. As a brand that is so focused on being natural and focus on it's use of botanicals, it would be nice for them to leave behind artificial fragrance. 

EH Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask - £36.00

This is a facial mask targeted mainly for older skin. It's aim is to provide firmer, smoother and more radiant looking skin - it's brightening element is one of the reasons I like to personally use it. When applied, it actually applies more like a thick cream. It does sit on the skin and is visible on it like a traditional mask, but much of it does sink into the pores over time. It's consistency also means that it does go quite far due to it applying more like a cream so I think a tube of this size would definitely get you a decent amount of uses. 

This can be wiped off like mosts masks are after an application of 5-10 minutes or it can be left on overnight for a more intense treatment. This mask brightens my skin and after application, I definitely feel that my skin looks more radiant and feels slightly plumper. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and due to this it does help to provide some slight exfoliation to the skin leaving it feeling smoother after use as well. I really enjoy using this mask and I like to do so 1-2 times a week when my skin is feeling and looking dull. 

This is easily my favourite product of the three i'm mentioning in this blog post and its probably one of my favourite cleansers that I have ever used. This is a cleansing balm intended for use with a cloth dampened with warm/hot water. Referred to as a "spa in a jar" this balm is infused with grape seed oil, almond oil, orange peel extract and jasmine to provide a soothing, moisturising yet effective cleanse. It smells wonderful having a light yet pleasant citrus scent and feels like such a luxury to use.

Due to it's smooth balm consistency, it is perfect for removing makeup. Only a small almond size amount is enough to apply to the whole face and melt away makeup including stubborn products like liquid lipsticks. Unlike most oil based products, this doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and instead actually leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and soothed. A little bit of this goes such a long way due to it's consistency and I've had my jar (which I've now sadly finished) for about 3 months. I love this cleanser and would definitely recommend it - though it is on the pricier side for a cleanser. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with Emma Hardie as a brand. I love their natural standpoint and I like the fact that a lot of their products are packed full of essential oils and botanicals - these are ingredients that I'm looking for in my skincare products now. My standout product by far is the Mooring Cleansing Balm and it's one that I will definitely be repurchasing. If you're looking for spa-like, luxurious skincare products with a focus on natural ingredients, this is certainly a brand I'd recommend. 

Have you tried Emma Hardie's products? What do you think of them?

Levinia, xo


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I love lipsticks and in recent months, I've been specifically obsessed with liquid lipsticks. As my collection grows and I try new brands, new formulas and new products, I've decided to start doing a more extensive review series. In this series, I plan to provide in depth reviews of the different liquid lipsticks certain brands have to offer as well as compile a rated and regularly updated list of them too. 
As with my normal beauty reviews, I will provide information about the brand, discuss the pigmentation and application of the product as well as show you swatches and compare wear time.  



Hello everyone! Long time no blog post I know, but today i'm back and with a pretty substantial review for you of some items from the skincare brand: The Ordinary

The Ordinary has been raved about recently in the beauty community and everyone is talking about their products. I did some research on the brand and read some reviews and made some educated purchases of products I thought I'd enjoy integrating into my skincare routine. After using these products for some time now, I feel that I'm going to able to provide you with some authentic opinions on what I think of them! Enjoy.



Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you guys have all been enjoying the lovely hot weather we've been having these past few days in the UK. 
On hot days, neutral and more minimal makeup looks are a go to from both a practical and aesthetic level for a lot of makeup wearers. With that in mind, I thought I'd post a first impressions on a eyeshadow palette that's all about that neutral eye look: TooFaced's Natural Love Palette.



Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well today. I thought I'd bring you a review of a palette that I have had in my possession for a while now. It is none other than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.
  Spoiler Alert: I love this palette so much and in today's post, I'm going to explain to you why.



Hello everyone and happy Monday! I hope you've all had a good weekend and that despite it being Monday (boo), your day is going / goes well. Over the past few weeks I have accrued some fabulous beauty bits that I thought I'd compile for you into a collective haul post. Expect reviews to proceed this post as I get to know these products a little better and collect my thoughts on them!



Hello, world! Long time no blog post, I know. But today, I'm back and with the review that I promised a few weeks ago Pixi's Glow Tonic.

Pixi Glow Tonic is a toner containing 5% glycolic acid. Whilst it's a toner by name, it can be considered more of a treatment in my eyes due to the fact that it contains the AHA that is glycolic acid. As mentioned in my more detailed post on AHA's, glycolic acid is one of strongest and most popular in the world of skincare. Glyolic acid has the smallest molecular structure of the AHA's and therefore is considered the most effective at penetrating and renewing skin on a deeper level. AHA's in their use as chemical exfoliants help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness in the skin over long term use and are an amazing addition to your skincare routine.

On to Pixi's Glow Tonic specifically, 5% is a fairly low percentage of glycolic acid but as it is considered a toner for everyday use, it is not really intended to be too concentrated. For skin that is not used to the addition of acids, 5% will definitely do something more for you in comparison to those whose skin is more used to them. It therefore makes for an ideal introduction into using acids as part of an everyday routine.

In terms of my overall thoughts on the product, I definitely saw results from use. The tonic definitely helped renew my dead skin quicker and I also saw a fairly instant change in the brightness of my skin. What I will say however is that for me and therefore perhaps for all with sensitive skin, it's not ideal for everyday use and I would personally suggest using it once every other day initially. This may be because as aforementioned, newbies to chemical exfoliants such as myself have built up no tolerance to them and so they can be quite potent on the skin - especially if it's already sensitive. It's important to build up a tolerance so as to not have adverse results.

When applying the toner, you do feel some slight tingling - and some very intense stinging if applied to any irritated areas of the skin so definitely avoid that! Otherwise though, this tingling is not uncomfortable and as mentioned on the packaging itself, is to be expected. There is a slightly "chemically" smell but for the most part, I find the scent to be quite pleasant and definitely not off putting. Due to it's liquidly formula, I also find it to go a long way and not much is needed to cover your whole face. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. During my initial use of this tonic, I received a lot of compliments on my bright and glowy complexion and I definitely consider this to be one of the reasons. I think this makes a great introduction to chemical exfoliations for those of you with younger skin who may not need more concentrated products as well as for those of you who are simply just new to them in general. 

Have you tried Pixi Glow Tonic? What are your thoughts on acids and chemical exfoliants?



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Periods. For most women that experience them, they are annoying, painful and for quite a lot of us, they are often hard to track too. This can make for some unwanted surprises when P-day finally comes around. Some women do find it easy to track their periods and find themselves to be fairly regular each month - I, however happen to be one of those women who are irregular in their menstrual cycles.

Why exactly irregularity occurs has several answers. The answer for me and the answer too for a lot of women is stress. Stress can not only be an emotional affliction but it can manifest itself in physical ways as well - such as causing late and subdued periods. So, I recently decided that I wanted to look into better understanding my cycle and I came across an app called Clue. When I looked into its purpose and what it allowed you to do, I thought it was an amazing idea and just what I needed. 

Clue allows you to input as much or as little data about your cycle as you wish. This includes variables such as emotions, food cravings, sexual activity and sleep. The more you record, the more accurate Clue is at predicting elements of your cycle. The app also provides helpful "Insights" along the way as you use the app which provide interesting pieces of information about elements of the menstrual cycle.

Whether you're having trouble tracking your period or not, Clue is a fabulous tool to allow you to better understand not only your period but your body and its inner workings too which I think is awesome. It serves not only as a useful tracking tool but as something that educates and informs its consumers.

 And even better? It's totally free to download from your phone's app store.


Friday Feelings | Being Where You're Supposed To Be

At the age of 22 - as a University graduate, there comes to be a kind of silent (and sometimes not so silent) expectation from the world that I should now know what I want to do and how I'm going to get there.

Unfortunately, life is not quite as easy nor as a clear as that and it's very easy to become disillusioned and disheartened with your life if you're not where you expected yourself to be. The bottom line is, not everyone realises their dreams or goals straight away, sometimes there's a lot of short term things and diversions in the road to realisation - and that's okay.

Imaged sourced from Unsplash.com
Don't compare your progress to others. Stop thinking that you have failed because you're not in the same place as your peers are. Keep trying, keep learning and keep working hard and you will know eventually where it is you need and want to be. It's very easy to compare you progress to others and to feel disappointed if you don't appear to be progressing as fast as everyone else. But life isn't a competition - nor is it a race with others.


AHA's and BHA's and why you should be using them

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good day today. In today's blog post, I'm going to be discussing chemical exfoliation and AHA's and BHA's. This post can be considered a pre-cursor to a review on a beloved skincare favourite in the beauty community - Pixi Glow Tonic.

A key ingredient in Pixi's Glow Tonic is glycolic acid - which falls under the category of an "AHA" - also known as an "Alpha Hydroxy Acid". In simple terms, AHA's are great at detaching dead skin - they help to loosen up the dead cells of the skin allowing them to fall away revealing brighter, healthier and plumper skin. This helpful subreddit explains the main AHA's and the uses and purposes of each. As an ingredient in skincare, due to their focus on the renewal of dead skin, AHA's are popular for those of us who have drier skin types.

You may also be thinking of other acids that have not been mentioned above such as salicylic acid. Well, that falls under the term of a BHA instead. Unlike AHA's, BHA's focus more on purifying the skin and deeply penetrating and cleaning out the pores. Due to this, BHA's and salicylic acid as an ingredient is very popular with acne, oily and blemish prone skin types and it will often be an ingredient found in skincare products used to treat these skin issues. BHA's however are well known to dry out the skin which is why adding moisture back into the skin is important in order to prevent skin from once again overproducing oil and breaking out. Again, this subreddit contains more information on BHA's and their uses.



I love lipsticks - especially liquid lipsticks. They're long lasting, highly pigmented and most of them are pretty comfortable too. So, being a product that I love so much, it's safe to say that I'm always in the market to buy and find more! ColourPop has been a brand that I have seen around social media for quite some time and for a while now, I have been wanting to try their products. An indie brand however, Colourpop is fairly difficult to get in the UK - at least it was before I discovered the site Glammua which stock a lot of difficult to find, independent beauty brands.



Happy Friday guys! We made it. In today's post, I bring you a recent outfit of the day in which I went to watch Kong: Skull Island at the cinemas. I really enjoyed the movie and have to credit it for it's awesome CGI. It was scripted really well in parts and it had a nice balance of humour as well as some very nasty death scenes which of course is always popular with a horror fan like me!

As the title suggests, I went for a classic all black (well nearly) ensemble today. It's kind of difficult for me to steer away from the shade as for me, it's so wearable and timeless. I teamed the look with my beloved Dr Martens and ended up with a rather androgynous look which I really liked. I absolutely adore Dr Martens and I love teaming them with a more "feminine" aesthetic to create an edgy, unique outfit.


Bomber Jacket | Newlook
Cami | Newlook
Jeans | ASOS
Dr Martens | Schuh



As a serial hair dyer, haircare has always been a very important and necessary step for me. Damage is of course inevitable when dying the hair and whilst it can't really ever be prevented, it can be managed and proteins and nutrients can be added back into the hair to at least partly restore it back to health. 
Whilst trimming and the removal of dead ends is an important step in keeping hair healthy, I have also found some great products that I found to be effective (at least aesthetically). In todays post, I'm going to show you these products and tell you why I love them so much!

AUSSIE Miracle Hair Insurance Conditioning Spray

This is essentially a leave in conditioner - it can applied to either damp or dry hair and should be sprayed evenly throughout and combed through. I always apply this on my hair when it's damp as I personally prefer the results. I find this to not only be conditioning, but it also adds some much needed shine to my hair too once it's dry. It's great for detangling as well which I find can sometimes be an issue on my finer, long hair. I've repurchased this several times and it's definitely a cult favourite for me!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave in Treatment

Whilst this product is meant to stimulate hair growth, I use it mainly as a source of nourishment and conditioning for the hair. It contains nutrients and proteins which I have found at least from an aesthetic standpoint have improved how my hair looks and feels. Does it promote hair growth? I can't really be sure but I have noticed steady, consistent growth in my hair and am continuing to do so.

Joico K-Pak Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil 

I love oils for my hair as moisture and a lack of it can be an issue when using colourants. The problem is, with locks on the finer side, certain oils and products in general can be far too heavy. This oil however is not and I find it to be easy to apply and weightless even in my hair. As with all oils, I keep this applied to the mid-lengths and ends - where the hair is driest and in need of moisture the most. I do find that this product locks into the hair well and it does help to define my colour and add a lovely shine too.

MoroccanOil Treatment - Light

The benefits of Moroccan Oil are well known and this is probably my favourite oil product for the hair. It has a wonderful smell to it that lasts throughout the day and I really find that it penetrates the hair follicle and provides my hair with moisture and visible shine. As with the oil above, I apply this to damp hair focusing on the mid lengths and ends but I do also occasionally also like to finish off a style with this too by applying a tiny amount all over. This product comes in two variations depending on your hair type - a normal formula for thicker hair and a light formula for finer hair making it an accessible and versatile product for everyone. 

There you have my current favourite post wash haircare products. 
Are any of these in your favourites?

Levinia, x


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Hello everyone! Happy Monday - I hope you have all had a very chilled and relaxed weekend. I can't lie; it's been so nice to do nothing this weekend after a stressful few weeks in the wonderful world of full time retail work. This week I am also on holiday from my job so I plan to get my blog into gear and get it back on track in terms of organisation and production of content. Today I'm keeping it simple and sharing a nail of the day post with you on a colour I wore a few weeks back.

The colour is called Fiji and it's from the brand Essie. I can't say I reach for this colour too much but I was in the mood for a simple, plain colour and when I picked this up it suited the criteria! This was surprisingly opaque for such a pale, creamy colour and I would say it was fully covered in two coats. 

As always, for a gel-like shine I used my beloved Seche Vite top coat - if you don't own this top coat you need to! It's amazing and I recommend it to everyone. 


Essie | Fiji
Seche Vite Top Coat 


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Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a good week so far and today, I'm bringing you an outfit post. I recently went to the cinema - something I haven't done in far too long to watch the movie Logan. I really enjoyed the film and as a massive superhero fan, it was an emotional movie that really had a different feel than that of most Marvel productions. As Hugh Jackman's last appearance as the iconic mutant Wolverine, Logan was an awesome farewell to the actor 17 year portrayal of the superhero. Definitely give it a watch if you're heading to the cinema in the next few weeks.

On to the outfit; I gave myself Grease / pink lady vibes in this ensemble. I'm wearing a pink Zara jacket that I purchased a few months ago and had yet to wear - it's really comfortable and slightly oversized which is always something I appreciate. I'm also wearing a simple white came from TopShop along with one of my favourite pairs of skinny blue jeans. Lastly but not least, I'm wearing my newest pair of shoes - these beautiful Vans slip on plimsolls in a beautiful pink-nude shade. Whilst these aren't a typical style that I'd do for in shoes or trainers, when I saw these on ASOS I fell in love and had to get them.


Bomber | Zara Basics
Cami | Topshop
Skinny Jeans | Miss Selfridge
Shoes | Vans (from ASOS)



Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today I have a face of the day for you featuring my current favourite eyeshadow; TooFaced's Sweet Peach palette as well as a new liquid lipstick purchase from LimeCrime.

As with my Lady Danger look, I didn't want my eye look too be too overpowering but I did want to keep it warm and a little smokey with the more peachy tones of the Sweet Peach palette. I love a matte lip and a shimmery eye look so I utilised the shimmer shades in the palette as well as some of matte brows for a defined yet soft eye look. 



Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | Vanilla
L'Oreal True Match Concealer | Ivory Beige
Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder | Translucent
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Milani Baked Blusher | Luminous
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed | Moonstone


TooFaced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette
TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara
Eye of Horus Brow Define | Dynasty
Maybelline Brow Drama | Medium Brown


Limecrime Velvetine Liquid Lipstick | Red Velvet



Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a good week so far. Today I'm bringing you a collective beauty haul featuring some of the recent purchases I've made over the past couple of weeks. Most of these items are things I've been eyeing up for a while and finally decided to purchase.

Firstly, I purchased a 115ml bottle of the Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray  - I'm very into hydrating facial sprays at the moment and use them mainly to refresh my makeup. An avid fan of MAC's Fix +, I'm always looking for sprays that give me the same or similar results to that. This one is infused with aloe, herbs and rosewater and has a distinct yet pleasant rose scent. 

Next I purchased my first Zoya nail polish in the shade "Brigette" - a beautiful mauve-nude. On the subject of nudes, I bought another Jeffree Starr lipstick this time in the shade "Doll Parts". It's a beautiful mauve-pink shade - it's very flattering and super wearable. 

I also purchased an Eye Of Horus brow pencil - it's packaging and design is very similar to that of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil. I'm particularly excited to try this product and see how it performs! Last but not least, I got the above MakeUP Geek duo chrome eyeshadow in Mai Tai. It's a beautiful rose gold with a lilac sheen.

And that's my collective haul - look out for reviews on some the products above in future posts!



Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Today I bring you a first impressions of a beauty product that is currently taking the community by storm; TooFaced's Peach Palette. I was gifted this palette by my beautiful friend Heather (I know, what a great friend right?) and since receiving it, I have absolutely fallen in love with it.

This particular palette was actually released back in early 2016 and was re-released later that year in December. This re-release was when the palette and it's subsequent collection really took off in the beauty community and created a huge buzz. As mentioned, with the palette's release, a whole collection of other products were created too included blushes, a glow palette and lip oils. 

Palette Overview

The palette contains 18 shades ranging from matte finishes to satin and metallic. There's a huge variety in colours within these shades too - all of which though are of course on the warmer side to fit into the overall peach theme. TooFaced say this about it:

Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.
So, the shades themselves are as follows:

Row 1:
White Peach: Matte. Light beige, yellow undertones. 
Luscious: Metallic. Medium golden brown, copper undertones.
Just Peachy: Satin. Bright, medium pink w/ gold undertones.
Bless Her Heart: Muted olive green w/ warm undertones.
Tempting: Strong deep brown w/ a black base.
Charmed I'm Sure: Matte. Medium-dark brown.

Row 2:
Nectar: Shimmer / frost. Light-medium yellow.
Cobbler: Satin. Medium brown w/ red undertones.
Candied Peach: Matte. Bright, medium coral. 
Bellini: Muted rose gold w/ a pink base.
Peach Pit: Deep brown.
Delectable: Matte w/ micro sparkle. Medium-dark plum. 

 Row 3:
 Peaches N' Cream: Matte. Light-medium yellowed peach. 
Georgia: Matte. Muted medium coral.
Caramelized: Medium, golden bronze.
Puree: Medium dark brown w/ caramel undertones.
Summer Yum: Matte. Dark, red brown.
Talk Derby To Me: Deep, blackened purple. 

Initial Thoughts:

My overall opinions on this palette are very positive. Whilst at first I didn't really get the hype surrounding this palette, since receiving and using it, I already know it's going to be one of my all time favourites. The colour collection is so versatile - there's a look for any occasion within it and you can easily go from natural to glamourous. As with most TooFaced shadows, I find these shades to be pigmented, buttery and easily bendable - they do work best with a primer and certain colours reach their full potential on a white base. As a girl with a warmer skin tone, I love how these colours look on me and I find them really flattering and wearable. If you're a TooFaced fan or just looking for a new eyeshadow palette to add to your collection, I think this is one you should definitely consider. And yes, it totally smells of peach!

You can get this palette in the UK from Debenhams or the TooFaced website, it retails at £39.00.

Do you have this palette / do you plan on getting it? What are your thoughts on it?


FOTD | Just Peachy

Hey! Today's post is another face of the day - this time featuring my current makeup obsession; the TooFaced Peach Palette. I was gifted this palette by my beautiful friend Heather and I have to say it's easily one of the best palettes I have ever owned. The colours for me are so flattering and so versatile and they really work well for my skin tone and eye colours - I think as a palette it's also one that can work for a lot of other people as well. Look out for a first impressions / review of this palette later on as well in another blog post!

So as this is of course a Peach Palette, it's safe to say that the peachy shimmers and browns have been my go to lately. I went for a smokey look with the matte browns and then added a pop of peachy shimmer to the center of the lids for a beautiful glow. I wanted to make the main focus in this look the eyes so opted for a peachy blush and pink lip to really compliment the shades on my eyes. As always, I need my fix of highlight so I went all out with Becca's Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector on the high points of my face.

I adore this look and have been wearing pretty routinely for the past 2-3 weeks. I've had lots of compliments specifically on the eyes so it's safe to say that the Peach Palette is a winner for me!



Benefit That Gal Primer
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation | Vanilla
Pixi Peach Corrector Concealer
Milani Baked Blush | Luminoso
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed | Moonstone
Rommel Match Perfection Loose Powder
Urban Decay De-Slick


TooFaced Shadow Insurance Primer
TooFaced Peach Palette
Still Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
MAC Gigablack Lash Mascara
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Brow Pencil | Soft Brown
Benefit Gimme Brow | No. 3


NYX Matte Lipstick | Tea Rose
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner | East End Snob



Hey guys! Today's post is yet another Lush focus in which I review a specific goodie from Lush and tell you all about it. On the blog today is Magic Wand - a reusable, candy scented Christmas bubble bar, enjoy!

Here's what Lush has to say about this product:
Conjure up candy suds. Close your eyes, swish your Magic Wand in the tub as it fills, and your wish for mounds of sweet cotton candy-scented bubbles will be granted! There’s enough magic in this wand for several baths full of candy-scented bubbles and sweet pink waters, so pop it on the side of your tub for the next time you need a magical bathtime escape.

As the description states, Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar - the bubbles themselves are created by swishing the bubble bar in running water until satisfied. The scent of the bar is much like that of the much loved Snow Fairy and this factor definitely makes it one of my favourite Christmas products from Lush. I'd say you can get around 3-5 baths from it making it also one of most cost effective bubble bars in the range which is always something that I look for!

The design of this bubble bar is also super cute with the glitter coating and the pretty little silver bow wrapped around the handle with a bell attached - it's festive yet still girly and cute which I love!


#FOTD | Lady Danger

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Today I have a face of the day post for you featuring the makeup look below. I decided to go for something simple yet with a pop of colour in the form of a bright lipstick - my favourite.

The lipstick I'm wearing is MAC's Lady Danger - a beautiful, orange based red with a matte finish. I'm in love with this colour and when wearing it, I received lots of compliments - it's certainly a striking colour that's bound to get attention. I teamed this red with a subtle, softly smoked out eye with plenty of mascara - this is my favourite way to wear a red (other than with a classic cat eyeliner of course). To match the orange base of the red, I went for a soft peach blush and as usual, plenty of highlight for that must have glow.



Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | Ivory Beige
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer | Light
Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder | Translucent 
Milani Baked Blush | Luminous
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed | Moonstone
NYX Blush | Taupe
Benefit Bronzer | Hoola
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray


TooFaced Shadow Insurance Eyelid Primer
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Still Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | Soft Brown
Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara | Dark Brown


MAC Lipstick | Lady Danger



Happy Wednesday! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week so far! Today's post is going to be a continuation of my Lush series in which I focus on a particular product from them and give you a short and sweet review - today we're looking at an old favourite: The Comforter bubble bar!

A berry scented supersize bubble bar, this is what Lush themselves say about The Comforter:

Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note.


    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Cream of Tartar
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    • Lauryl Betaine
    • Perfume
    • Titanium Dioxide
    • Bergamot Oil
    • Cassis Absolute
    • Cypress Oil
    • *Limonene
    • *Linalool
    • Colour 45410
    • Colour 17200
    *occurs naturally in essential oils.
This is easily one of my favourite bubble bars from Lush. The reason for this is not only does it smell great, but it lasts too. Due to the sheer size of this bar, you can easily get anything from 4-8 baths out of it if you break up the bar and use it piece by piece. This is my favourite way to use The Comforter because it's formula is so concentred that even using a piece of it still allows you to get amazing bubbles! The scent is gentle yet still really pleasant - it has a subtle but sweet blackcurrant scent which I personally really enjoy. In terms of it's ingredients, I wouldn't really say this bubble bar is overly moisturising but it certainly doesn't dry out the skin either - for that reason you would want to moisturise your skin afterwards. Overall, I think this bubble bar is one that you definitely need to try and it's easily one of the best priced products that Lush sell. The Comforter is available all year round and it retails for for £4.95!



When it comes to jewellery, I like to keep it simple and low maintenance. Whilst I do enjoy a statement piece now and then, generally I like my fashion and makeup to do the talking. Even so, it's nice to still have nice some accessories that you can utilise to complete your outfit. One of my favourite pieces of jewellery to wear are earrings - in today's post I thought I'd go through the Ted Baker studs I recently purchased to add to my accessory collection.

The studs I purchased are all the same style - the "Eisley Enamel Mini" and I have three colour variations to share with you. The earrings are simple and minimal in a button style design - they come in silver, gold and rose gold colour ways with the middle of the stud available in a range of different colours too.

The first pair I have are these rose gold and baby pink studs. As you can see, the outer rim of the stud is a plated rose gold and the middle of it is a beautiful baby pink shade. These earrings are cute and girly yet still chic and sophisticated! 

Next I have a pair that are a little more shall we say, special? They are a beautiful gold and have a lovely sparkly glitter center. These studs have the most beautiful shine to them when hit by the light and are still perfect for everyday wear but will also be great for a special occasion and when you want to wear something with an added sparkle. These are easily one of my favourite pairs of earrings!

Finally, I have this rose gold and black pair. I love the contrast between the two colours on these earrings and the black colour adds an "edgier" feel to the studs and your outfit. 

Overall, I love these studs and think I'll definitely be collecting more colours. They're minimal yet make a great addition to your look. They're really nice quality for costume jewellery and definitely feel on the higher end scale.

These earrings generally retail for £29.00 each and can be found from various retailers such as John Lewis, House and Frasier and Goldsmiths.


Getting the Glow

My current favourite makeup product has to be the highlighter. I love adding a pop of glow to my makeup look and I really love the difference that it makes. It's safe to say then that I'm a fan of shopping around for highlighters too and one brand in particular that can always be heard of when doing so is BECCA. 



If you don't already know, I love Lush products. I especially love their bath bombs and melts - they are one of my favourite ways to relax and pamper myself. So in a new series of posts, I thought I'd feature different products from Lush (mainly their bath products) and give you a short breakdown and review of each of them.  Today's post is going to focus on a Christmas bubble bar - Peeping Santa.

A Christmas favourite, Peeping Santa is a bubble bar containing ingredients such as: shea butter, bergamot oil, geranium oil and olibanum oil. Lush's official description of the product is:

Santa may use his dairy-free chocolate eyes to see who's been naughty or nice come Christmas, but, at this time of year, he also looks out for the perfect batch of hand-churned shea butter. Nipping over to Ghana, he visits the Ojoba women's cooperative, who crack and churn the shea pods into a rich, chocolatey butter. Blended with Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter, this indulgent combination is sandwiched between fragrant bergamot and geranium oils. Crumble under running water for sack loads of fruity bubbles.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Lauryl Betaine
  • Cornflour
  • Laureth 4
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Olibanum Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Fair Trade Shea Butter
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Hexyl Cinnamal
  • *Linalool
  • Colour 14700
  • Colour 45380:3
  • Dark Chocolate

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

I love the cute design of this bar and especially this chocolate eyes which is a cute little detail. The scent is mild and pleasant - mainly smelling of both the shea and cocoa butter. Being a melt, I find this bar to also be fairly moisturising - though not as much so as something like Butterbear / Ball. It's definitely moisturising enough however that you feel it and don't necessarily need to moisturise after if you don't want to. This bubble bar definitely does go a long way - I decided to use half but I think you could certainly use a quarter and still get the same results. Overall, this is a lovely, relaxing and moisturising bubble bar that I'd definitely recommend you pick up around Christmas time!

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