Your Favourite Fragrances on the Go

I love perfume. Over the past few years I've established quite the collection for myself and there's rarely a day that I'm not wearing a scent. It's nice to be able to top up on whatever scent you may be wearing on a day to day basis but perfume bottles unfortunately tend to be quite bulky and awkward to take along with you. Not to mention they're generally made of glass and for someone as clumsy as me, that's just an accident waiting to happen!

So, when it came to my knowledge that there were such a thing as travel atomisers I knew I had to get one. I decided to purchase two of these atomisers allowing me to take my favourite scents on the go with me in a portable, easy to keep form.

Jimmy Choo - Blossom is one of my current favourite scents.
The atomiser I purchased is from The Fragrance Shop - it's called the "Twist and Spritz" and allows you to carry 8ml or 100 sprays of whatever fragrance of your choice (as long it has the traditional perfume nozzle that can be removed). There's a good choice of colours available depending on your taste - I went for the rose gold of course. As mentioned, as long as your perfume bottle has one of those removable nozzles, getting the fragrance into the atomiser is super simple. You're essentially "pumping" the perfume into the atomiser and it fills up in less than about 30 seconds.

I love this product and think it's perfect for on the go whether that's day to day or on a night out. And once empty, all you have to do is fill the atomiser back up with either a different scent or the same one again. Easy! This is a definite handbag must have in my opinion.

What do you think of this product and what's your current go to fragrance? 

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