Instant Memories

For a long time now, I have loved and appreciated photography. I love the fact that I can capture a moment in time - everlasting within an image for me to look back upon and reminisce of times gone by. So when I was gifted an Instax Mini 8 for Christmas, it's safe to say I was more than pleased about it. My friend James gifted the camera to me and my other lovely friend Heather got me the accessory pack that matches - also containing a selfie attachment which is totally appropriate for me.

After receiving it just before Christmas, I have been pretty obsessed with capturing festive moments and photo-worthy snapshots these past few days. What I find so cool about this camera is the fact that it's a polaroid and that you can have your image in your hand within seconds ready for you to admire. This instant component of the camera is what I think makes capturing images on it it so much more meaningful as you're much more aware of wanting to capture a special photo - you get one shot to get the image you want and so it really makes you appreciate what you're snapping even more in a way. 

Being a polaroid, every image also has this lovely, vintage feel and look about it and once again it really adds that special something to taking a photo - it draws you back to childhood memories and reminds of you a time when moments couldn't simply be recorded with the tap of a phone screen.

I have been writing the dates and a small description on each of the images I've taken so far. I plan to use these as part of a scrapbook I'm (eventually) going to compile. This camera is actually a brilliant tool for the scrapbooker as your images are printed there and then for you and ready to add straight away.

So, as you can probably tell I'm totally in love with this camera and I know I'll definitely be getting a whole lot of use out of it. If you're a photography lover, this may be something you'd be interested in and I'd certainly recommend it!


Your Favourite Fragrances on the Go

I love perfume. Over the past few years I've established quite the collection for myself and there's rarely a day that I'm not wearing a scent. It's nice to be able to top up on whatever scent you may be wearing on a day to day basis but perfume bottles unfortunately tend to be quite bulky and awkward to take along with you. Not to mention they're generally made of glass and for someone as clumsy as me, that's just an accident waiting to happen!

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