Beauty | Review: Nyx Vivid Brights Eyeliners

Hey everyone! Happy October, it feels like these past few months have just flown by, right? In this post, I'm going to be sharing with you a review on a beauty product I've been testing out for a while now. The products in question are the Nyx Vivid Brights liquid eyeliners.

What Nyx Says About This Product:
"Line your lids with vibrant colour with our new Vivid Brights Liners. Available in nine incredible shades, these pro-level liners deliver instant and intense colour payoff."
As you guys may know, Nyx arrived in Boots stores around the UK a few months ago and this is when I first discovered these eyeliners. After a little bit of a swatch session in store one day, I initially picked up two of the shades from the collection; Violet and Envy. I was also gifted the shade Fire from a lovely colleague of mine at work. I have tried and tested all of these shades and in this review, I'll share with you my thoughts and feelings - enjoy!

Colour & Pigmentation:

The colours available in these liquid eyeliners are awesome. It's really difficult to find colourful liners in liquid form in high street stores and so it's really impressive that Nyx as a brand are providing them at accessible and affordable prices. There are colours for every eye colour and every skin tone - allowing anyone to add a dash of daring colour to their eye look. So, are these eyeliners pigmented? Hell yes they are. They're extremely pigmented and have really amazing colour pay off - whilst the packaging alludes that the colours are a little bit more neon that they are in reality, the colours are nonetheless bright and vivid as Nyx states.

Swatches from L to R: Violet, Envy & Fire
Application, Formula & Wear Time:

In terms of application, these liners apply really well - the brush itself allowing for easy, precise application. The liners are impressively opaque in their application as well - something surprising for such an inexpensive product. You need minimal layering to get a solid block of colour on the eye and they dry down in a matter of seconds. Some colours are slightly more opaque than others - generally these tend to be the darker shades but with a little layering, all the colours that I have tested are easily built up.

The liner dries down to a dryer, matte finish meaning they give off no shine or lacquer finish. They wear incredibly well and as stated dry very quickly which means there's absolutely no transfer from them which is always good. I have worn these liners for full 8 and a half hour days at work and there is zero crumbling, flaking or fading - amazing!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, it's safe to say I'm a massive fan of these liquid liners. They have great pigmentation and are long lasting - not to mention come in a variety of bright, alternative colours that we certainly aren't used to seeing in cheaper, high street makeup brands. These liners are definitely worth the money and worth a try - there's a colour for everyone and you should definitely give them a go if you haven't already!

So, those are my thoughts on the Nyx Vivid Brights liquid eyeliners! Have you tried them, if so what are you own opinions on them? 

Thanks for reading.

Levinia xo


Nyx Vivid Bright Eyeliners | £5.50

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