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Social media is at the core of most our lives in the modern world. It has a huge outreach and the capacity to allow us to share, create and learn. In one of the many ways that social media has influenced my life is in the way that I do my makeup. Whilst social media of course has a far more serious and deeper capacity to change lives than just through our beauty routines, I thought this would be a cute, lighthearted blog post in which I share 5 beauty techniques & products I have social media to thank for.

The Coveted Beauty Sponge

How did I ever apply my foundation without a beauty sponge? Prior to using this glorious invention, I had never found the perfect way to apply my foundation for an even, flawless coverage. After watching several beauty videos and seeing guru's always rave about using a damp beauty sponge, I finally decided to buy one - opting for the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. Whilst it took me a while to figure out how exactly the sponge is best used, once I got the hang of it I knew I was never going back to a brush for my foundation, oh no. My sponge has since become a core tool in much of my makeup application; from foundation, to powder to concealer - it really is a miracle sponge.

Contouring and Highlighting

So, for ages I just didn't understand contouring or highlighting and even on initial implementation of these techniques into my routine, I still wasn't impressed. It's safe to say that "Instagram Contouring" is not what I'm talking about here. I don't have time nor the desire for that kind of dramatic look - it's just not my personal cup of tea. But, with practise and playing around with what DOES work for me, I have come to really enjoy contouring and the effect it has on my makeup look. And highlighting? I'm all about that glow and since purchasing Mary-Lou Manizer and popping it on my cheekbone for the first time, I have never looked back!

** Don't be afraid or daunted by either of these two techniques and please don't think you've gotta carve your face like a pumpkin to achieve a contoured look. Do what works for you and understand that makeup and beauty have no set rules, only guidelines. **

Loose Powder and Baking

For a long time, I thought the idea of baking was kind of... silly. Even now, I'm not a massive fan of the highly dramatic bake technique that we're used to seeing on social media. I like to go for a bake using a translucent or similar skin toned powder for the purpose of setting my concealer and avoiding creasing as oppose to baking for the purpose of an intense highlight under the eye. The way that I bake has really improved the look of makeup when applied to areas I tend to get creasing or oiliness. Loose powder is my new go to for powdering anywhere and I definitely recommend you give this technique a go.

** And what exactly is baking you ask? It's essentially packing on a large amount of loose powder in a particular area - generally under the eyes, the nose and the forehead - and letting it "bake" there whilst doing the rest of making. Once "baked" fully, you sweep off an excess are a less with a flawless, highlighted finish. **

The Magic that is Brow Gel

I think we've all had crazy, regrettable brows in our pasts. I certainly have had my fair share. Whilst I still consider it the most tedious step of my beauty routine, brow gel has really helped to achieve the natural, defined brow look that I always aim for. This is a must have product in my opinion - especially for those of us with thinner brows as it really helps to define your brow hairs giving a more natural, authentic look. Getting a tinted brow gel as well makes this look even more realistic as it adds even more definition to the individual brow hairs and can even be used alone if you're in a hurry.

Lip Liner

Wait, why exactly am I thanking social media for lip liner? Well although I knew of lip liner prior to social media, I didn't really get it. Of course I knew its use, but didn't really see the need for it until I started watching youtube videos and beauty guru's insisting that they were necessary.  Boy, had I been missing out. Bye bye bleeding lipstick and weird shaped lips, hello full, plump lips and clean lines! Lip liner is a must in my makeup routine and I simply don't wear a lip product without it!

What beloved products or must do beauty techniques do you have to thank social media for?

Levinia, xo

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