Levinia Goes to the Movies | August 2016

I love and have always loved film. It is one of my biggest passions in life and it's safe to say that it encompasses a huge portion of it. I feel that film has a special, unique way of helping you to connect with the world and with yourself, much like music it has the power to change you and to affect you in a way that you may not have expected.

With that, it would be obvious to assume I watch a lot of films - and you'd be right. In this new little series, I thought I'd write about and share small reviews of films that I have watched in the cinema each month as well as films I have also discovered and watched during the month too. So, let's get started with my August round up!

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was the much anticipated DC offering featuring the villains and anti-heroes we all love to hate. As a huge superhero fan, I knew I'd definitely want to watch this movie but I have to say, I didn't start with high hopes despite the huge hype surrounding the production. After watching it, I was honestly kind of disappointed with the movie. Whilst it definitely had the potential to be an awesome film, I felt that it was simply a bit of a mess. The movie in itself felt almost like a long montage rather than a film with actual developed scenes - there was a real lack of story and character development which left me feeling dissatisfied with the plot and it simply felt far too choppy. I think "overkill" is really the best way to describe the movie - it just seemed as if it was trying too hard to include everything they believed would make it cool, edgy and modern which resulted in it lacking a real sense of continuity for me. The casting however was the movies main saving grace with Margot Robbies depiction of the infamous Harley Quinn being a standout for me.

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is the 5th offering in the long running Jason Bourne series. The titular character played by Matt Damon is once again on the run from the CIA, following on the from the past movies narrative. The film shows Bourne learn more about his past and his father as well as about secrets that have been kept from him for years. Whilst I'm not really much of a fan of the Bourne series, this was a stereotypical action film in its style and content - whilst it's not what I'd called memorable it was an easy watch nonetheless!

David Brent: Life on the Road

An avid fan of The Office, I was really excited to see that this film was being released and new that I simply had to watch it. I was not disappointed at all by this film and really, I think that it was everything that you would expect if you were already familiar with the comedy show it's based upon. In the film, we get to follow David Brent who after leaving his previous job and going on a break from his current one, decides to follow his dreams of rock stardom to tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion. 
A bit of a hopeless character most of time, David Brent is nonetheless as loveable albeit as awkward and cringey as ever. Despite his downfalls, Brent is a character you definitely have a soft spot for and one who I think just like most of us, just wants to be liked! A definite must watch in my opinion!

Lights Out

If there's one thing I can say about myself, it is that I LOVE horror. It is easily one of my favourite genres of film and I am always up for watching a horror film whenever there's one released. Lights Out follows a family and their torment surrounding the haunting of a ghost / entity called Diana. Diana only appears to the family when the lights are off making for some suspenseful and nail biting scenes when those lights start flickering! Whilst I wasn't really impressed by the actual plot of this film and felt that it was definitely rushed and undeveloped in areas, this did have a lot of jump scares and good imagery. I really enjoyed the concept of the movie and though it perhaps did not fulfil it in this offering, it does have a lot of potential. 

Finding Dory

Perhaps one of the most hyped animated films this years for both adults and children alike, Finding Dory is the sequel to the much loved Finding Nemo. Of course I wasn't disappointed by this movie, it was as heartwarming and as touching as you would expect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dory returns as the loveable but forgetful blue-tang fish who is in search of the parents she lost years before. This is a lovely movie and one you'll definitely enjoy if you're a Disney fan.

And so, those are the movies that I watched during the month of August. Did you manage to watch any of the above? I'd love to know what you thought of them if you did! 


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