I Graduated.

"Times flies when you're having fun."
It's a saying we often take for granted whilst busy enjoying the most precious moments of our life and  one that we soon realise the truth of once those moments have come to an end. Whilst my University experience wasn't exactly always one that could be solely described as "fun", it was definitely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding - albeit challenging - times of my life.

Gotta use what you can to make sure you're lookin' good!
The not-so-little brother & I.
To say that those times are now over is a surreal feeling but one that brings with it feelings of hope and excitement for the chapters ahead. I am a stronger, more developed individual due to my time at Birmingham City University. I have made lifetime friends and memories to cherish. I have pushed myself, developed myself and most importantly, learnt about myself.

Obligatory cap throw!

And so with this ending comes a new beginning. A new page and with it new stories to be told. Here's to the future, to new experiences and to even more lessons learned.

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