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I've said it time and time again on here but if you're not yet familiar, I have sensitive skin. It's annoying and it's high maintenance especially that when coupled with that, my skin is also very prone to dryness. It's safe to say therefore, that I've spent a lot of time searching for products that will help me deal with this issue and there's one product in particular that I have found really makes a positive difference to the condition of my skin. That product is a serum and in this blog post, I'll take you through the benefits of using one and tell you about my current favourite.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

So, first of all let's get a little factual and talk about the proven benefits of utilising a serum as part of your skincare routine:

1. They're Richly Concentrated
Serums have the highest concentration of active ingredients - much more than just a moisturiser or a cleanser has. This means that serums are generally more likely to give you results when used in conjunction with your over skincare products.

2. They Will Not Clog Your Pores
Moisturisers alone are generally simply too thick in their formula to be able to do anything more than sit on the top layer of your skin. Serum's however are generally water-based and can therefore easily penetrate your skin getting to work helping to nourish and hydrate it. This is great for those with sensitive and break-out prone skin.

3. Goodbye Oily Complexion
Serum's are light and often water based as mentioned before, which means they won't leave any kind of film of the top or the skin or a greasy, oil-like shine either. This is great for those with oily skin as less oil means less production of sebum and breakouts in the long run! Dryer skin types can layer their serum's by applying them prior to moisturiser for intense hydration.

4. They Go A LONG Way
Whilst serums are more expensive than most other skincare products, their light consistency allows you to use a minimal amount that is ultimately going to go a long way. The fact that they themselves work with their own active ingredients and the fact that they boost the effect of your moisturiser means that a serum is a useful and multipurpose product.

So, now the science part is covered, I'm going to share with you my current favourite serum; Vichy's Aquaria Thermal Dynamic Hydration serum. Since using this serum, I have genuinely noticed a positive change in my skin - particularly in it's levels of hydration. It helps to effectively target and penetrate my skin's barrier to provide it with moisture - subsequently helping my moisturiser to work more effectively as well. If you're looking for a good serum, this is one I'd definitely suggest.

This stuff is awesome.
And there you have it; why you need a serum in your life. Hopefully I've convinced you add this awesome product to your routine and if not, I hope this was at least an interesting little read!

What's a skincare must have in your own routines?



Vichy Aquaria Thermal Serum | £15.00

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