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Long nails are something I never thought I'd be able to achieve. A dedicated nail biter for years, I had nails were short, stubby and very damaged and any growth I did manager to get, often broke off due to them being so brittle. It's safe to say then my nails needed some serious TLC and making some changes and have an actual nail care routine has allowed me to grow long nails that I'm actually quite proud of - it's the simple things!

With that, I thought I'd share with you some of the tips that really helped me on my mission to grow long, luscious and natural nails - so I hope you enjoy and find this post helpful!

1. Don't Pick or Bite Your Nails

Well, duh I know. If you want your nails to grow you're going to HAVE to stop biting them. Not only that, don't pick at or pull any skin around the nails either as this can cause them to split and break. Whist kicking the nail biting habit is surprisingly difficult, there are some things you can do to help. Try having your nails painted - this I found often put my off biting my nails as I didn't want to ruin my freshly done manicure!

2. Keep Them Away From Water

Just like Gremlins, you want to keep your nails away from water if possible. 
Of course, this doesn't include washing your hands and the inevitable instances when you're going to need to subject your hands to water! But, try not to soak them in water if you really don't HAVE to. Water weakens the nail and you'll probably notices that just like when your hair is wet, your nails are more prone to breakage and splitting.

3. Always Use A Base Coat

Whilst yellow nails are always inevitable if you paint your nails, a good base coat can help to prevent the yellowing process to some degree. As well as this, they also protect your nails from coming in to contact with the chemicals that are lingering in nail polishes!

4. Get a Good Nail File

I don't tend to use any fancy tools as part of my nail routine, but a good file IS something I consider important. I don't like to trim my nails so a file allows me to keep my nails at an optimal length and shape. It is important however to get a file of good quality because bad quality nail files can potentially split the nail structure causing breakage. I like to use a glass file from Leighton Denny (pictured above). Whilst it might seem kind of pricey, it's guaranteed to last for years and its quality means you can be sure your nails won't be damaged!

5. Moisturise!

Finally, it's super important to give your nails the moisture it needs after subjecting it to drying products like nail polish remover. A good cuticle cream and a softening hand cream can do wonders and allows you to have beautiful looking skin and cuticles!

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