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Hello everyone! Apologies for my inconsistent posting, University work is at it's most hectic right now as I near my deadline dates. I'm currently running my final year production project (which you should definitely check out HERE by the way) as well as writing my dissertation. It's safe to say times are stressful but I'm determined to make time for the little things I love like blogging along the way.


That Feeling

Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a rut. It gets hard to remember what you're supposed to be doing and more than that, why you're supposed to be doing it. You lose your sense of motivation and you lose your drive. The things you used to find interesting don't seem to feel that way anymore. The work you have piled up to do seems pointless, worthless even. 

You feel lonely. Disconnected with the world for reasons you can't quite comprehend.

It's difficult to get out of this rut, to shake off this inescapable feeling. I feel it's one we have all experienced to a degree - its difficult to name but easy enough to recognise when you describe its symptoms. I've been stuck in this rut lately and I'm now in the midst of trying to get myself out.


Dupe It | MAC Violetta Lipstick

Hey guys and welcome to the second instalment of the series I call Dupe It! As you can probably guess by the not so original title, in this series I share with you dupes of certain high end, popular or cult products that I have found! If you'd like to check out the first post in this series in which I dupe the below NARS 'Orgasm' blush, you can check it out HERE!


Beauty | TooFaced Natural Matte Palette

You can never have too many neutral palettes, never! 
At least that is what I tell myself as a new one is eventually added to my online shopping basket. They're just so versatile and wearable for everyone - whether it's a smokey look or a subtle addition of depth to make your eyes pop, neutral shades have got your back.

The latest addition to my neutral palette collection is Too Faced's Natural Matte Palette. Whilst I haven't quite played around with it enough to give you a full review just yet, I thought I'd instead give you a first impressions and a little run through of the palette's shades!

What TooFaced Say:

"Go from soft and pretty to slightly sexy with nine gorgeous neutral matte shadows that pair perfectly, blend beautifully, and are so versatile you can wear them before breakfast or after dark. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started."

The Shades:

Row 1
Heaven (Yellow-beige)
Cashmere Bunny (Medium taupe) 
Sexpresso (Dark, warm brown)

Row 2
Lace Teddy (Muted peach)
Strapless (Medium, rose brown)
Risque (Dark, neutral brown)

Row 3
Nudie (Light, medium taupe)
Honey Butter (Muted burnt orange)
Chocolate Cookie (Medium-dark, warm brown)

From initially using this palette, I can definitely say that I like it so far. I really like the good variety of neutral, warm and cool shades ranging from light to dark. There's a great variation for an assortment of different looks and as always in these kind of palettes, TooFaced also provide a handy little look-book for eyeshadow looks you can do with each row!

Let me know if you'd like to see an more in-depth review of this palette in the future! Thanks for reading! xo


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