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I love lipstick. If there's one makeup product I'd happily collect ridiculous amount of, it's lipstick (or many eyeshadow palettes - can never have too many neutral palettes am I right?!). In particular however, I am really enjoying liquid lipsticks - they're long lasting, dry matte and come in a whole heap of awesome colours to fit whatever look or mood you're in. In today's post, I thought I'd share with you a recent liquid lipstick purchase I made at my favourite online makeup site: Cocktail Cosmetics, enjoy!

LA Splash is a liquid lipstick brand that I love and due to already owning five of their liquid lipsticks, I was confident enough to buy 3 more! I got one lipstick in their "Velvet Matte" range and that was in the shade Seductress - which is a sort of browny-mauve shade. Next, I got two lipsticks from their "Studio Shine Lip Lustre" range in the shades Athena & Alice. Athena is a beautiful peachy nude shade with a gold sparkle and Alice is a lovely orchid shade which also has just a hint of sparkle in it too. All shades dry beautifully matte!

Finally, I wanted to try a Jeffree Star lipstick ever since he released them not so long ago. Being a lipstick junkie, I found it pretty difficult to pick a shade, but having been on a neutral lipstick hype as of late, I decide to go for the shade Celebrity Skin - which is an awesome browny nude.

And that's everything I got! I'm excited to really play around with these shades in the upcoming weeks - look out for a review coming your way too!

What are your thoughts on liquid lipsticks, yay or nay? What are your personal favourites?

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