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Accessories aren't something I usually pay much attention to when it's comes to fashion. I like to keep things simple and pretty minimal. However, I have been wanting to expand my more modest collection of jewellery and add some more quality pieces to it that'll actually last. On the more practical side of things, I thought getting a nice watch would be pretty good place to start!

For Valentines day, my boyfriend got me this beautiful Olivia Burton watch. I'd been browsing a selection of watches from this brand ever since I spotted them in Selfridges last year. I'm kind of picky with watches as I'm not a fan of anything that's too bulky. This particular watch however is perfect within its dimensions and I feel like it suits me really well. The style of the watch is the Midi Dial - the colour combination being rose and rose gold. This watch is so feminine yet at the same very sophisticated and understated which is something I really like about it. It's beautifully made and I can tell that it's great quality.

I definitely want to get another watch from this brand, after browsing there's definitely something for everyone both in style and design. This is totally going to be a staple in my accessory collection from now on!


Olivia Burton Midi Dial Rose and Rose Gold | £70.00

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