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Hello everyone! I hope you have had a good week and an even better weekend. Today I am going to discuss two facial makeup products that I have been really enjoying as part of my recent makeup routine.

Mac Fix + & Urban Decay De-Slick
The first product is MAC's Fix Plus - this is a facial spritz made of a refreshing blend of vitamins and minerals that can be used both before and after makeup application. It's also great for using on your beauty blender or your makeup brushes when you want to use a product wet! If you'd like to read a more in depth review of this product you can check one out here.

Secondly, we have Urban Decay's De-Slick - this is a fixing spray which helps to keep makeup in place preventing it from budging or slipping all day long. This particular product is also great for oil-control helping to keep it under control for the whole day.

This is where the confusion kicks in - many people think that both of these products are fixing or setting sprays but in reality, they do completely different things. Mac Fix + despite it's somewhat confusing name does not fix the makeup in place - rather, it is a "binding spray" that helps to bind and form the various layers of makeup together. This is particularly useful for people who use a lot of powder-based products as it helps to eradicate that powdery, cakey look you can sometimes get. It also helps you to achieve a somewhat dewy look to the skin which is great for dryer skin types! A setting spray on the other hand such as the Urban Decay does just what it says - it sets the makeup helping it last longer by fixing it in place all day.

I love the combination of both of these products together - I feel they give my makeup a better looking finish whilst also allows my makeup to last all day without any smudging or wearing!

Do you use binding or setting sprays? What are your favourites?

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