REVIEW | Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Blusher - Peachy Pink Kisses

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to give you a first impressions of a Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts blusher than my lovely friend Tanith of Things Tanith Did picked up for me!

The shade I received is Peachy Pink Kisses - one which we'd both been searching for high and low in Superdrug but could never find in stock. The first thing I really love about this blush so far is the packaging which is clearly inspired by the Too Faced Sweetheart blushes - it's very pretty and ultra girly - good packaging is always something I appreciate in a makeup product!

The blush itself is triple baked - a formulation I always love in blushes as I find them to be really blendable and pigmented. This blush is - as the name suggests - a light peachy coral shade with three colours in it. The first two colours in the blush on me are more like highlighters with the third being the one with that has the peachy colour to it. Due to it being more highlight-y and shimmery because it's a baked formulation, I really love to layer this one top of a powder blush that is a similar but deeper shade and it really adds a beautiful glow to it.

Overall, I really love this blush so far and I think it's going to be a particularly lovely shade for the Summer and definitely one for those of you with lighter skin tones. For £4.99 from either Superdrug or Makeup Revolution's website, I really don't think you can go wrong!

Have you ever tried these blushes?


Skin Focus | Liz Earle

Skincare. It has become perhaps the most important part of my beauty regime in the last few years due to the ever increasing frustration of having sensitive skin. 
A few months a go, I discovered the brand Liz Earle - I'd known of the brand before but had always been suspicious of trying it in fear that it would negatively affect my skin. However, upon being given some information on the brand, I actually learnt that it was originally formed specifically for people with sensitive skin and this instantly grabbed me! So, today I'm going to talk to you about two products from them that my skin and I are really enjoying at the moment!

The first product I bought from Liz Earle after finally deciding to give it a try, was their infamous Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser. The way you use it is simple; apply the product all over dry skin and wipe it away with a hot, damp muslin cloth. I love cream cleansers because for me, they are simply the best in removing makeup in one step rather than having to use a million products to do so. As well as this, with the aid of the muslin cloth, I feel as if you get a very gentle exfoliation each time without irritating the skin.

Cleanse and Polish as Liz Earle state, is made for all skin types for gentle cleansing of the skin. It's made with natural ingredients such as eucalyptus and cocoa butter - I love the effect of the eucalyptus in particular as it gives the skin a lovely cooling feeling which is really soothing. Unlike some cleansers, this doesn't dry out my skin nor leave it feeling sore and tight. Instead, it really moisturises my skin and leaves it feeling very well cleansed of any grime or sebum. I'm on my second bottle of this stuff and I think it's going to be a skincare staple for me for a long time!

After the success of Cleanse and Polish in my skincare routine, I decided I wanted to try something else from Liz Earle as well. Seeing as I had tried a cleansing product, I thought I'd try a toner to see if I could find anything to match my beloved Garnier Micellar Water. So, I picked up their Instant Boost Skin Tonic. Having tried this for a few weeks now, I definitely can say that I like it. It contains ingredients such as cucumber, aloe vera and vitamin e which really help once again to soothe and cool my skin which can often be red and aggravated. Warning however: your skin may sting a little if you're having a particularly bad skin day but this is nothing to worry about. My skin feels refreshed and really clean whilst again not feeling dried out. I love using this in the morning to wake up my tired skin and I think it's helping to brighten it up on those dull days too.

Overall, I'm really impressed by the Liz Earle products I've tried thus far and I'm really pleased to have found another brand that agrees with my high maintenance skin!

Have you ever tried Liz Earle products?


REVIEW | MAC Mineralise SkinFinish in Lightscapade

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good weekend so far. As I mentioned in one of my most recent posts, I'm kind of on a contouring and highlighting hype. I recently picked up a product I'd been lusting over for a long time and that is MAC's Mineralise SkinFinish in the shade Lightscapade.

Price: £24.00
Where to Buy: http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk

What MAC Say:  

"A luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft, domed face powder with a radiant finish. Strategically buff on to add highlights to the high points of the face, or blend all over for a sheer luminous polish to the skin. Features our 77-Mineral Complex and vitamin E."

My Thoughts:

When I initially looked at Lightscapade in person, I was somewhat put off buy the colour of it in the pan. As you can see, it has shades of blue and green running through it which in a highlight, is not what you'd really expect. However, don't be alarmed, you aren't actually left with bright blue streaks on the skin and the shade is actually a beautiful opalescent white. Whilst I'm usually put off by white highlights as they can be too intense, this is very light and very subtle on the skin giving you that "glow from within" look.

It's a beautiful formula that's very light and easily blendable meaning as MAC states, you can put this all over the face if you'd like to. Personally, I prefer to use this as a natural highlight on the cheek bones and high points of the face and I love the flattering glow it gives. This is buildable and you can get a very intense highlight if you'd like too which means this is perfect for an abundance of looks. The powder isn't chunky nor overly glittery meaning you can really blend in into the skin for uniform, natural look.

It has good staying power and you don't need much to achieve a fresh, glowy highlight. Whilst this may be too light for medium to dark skin tones, this is a brilliant highlight for those of you with light to fair skin that in my opinion is definitely worth the price tag!

         What is your favourite highlighter?

Levinia xo


A Little Haul

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. Today I have a small haul for you of a few things I've picked up recently...

Firstly, I picked up Bliss' Foot Patrol foot cream - a product I first tried in one of my Birchbox's. When I tried it, I instantly fell in love with it and knew I wanted to buy a full size version once I was done with the sample! It's a super softening, refreshing cream that gives your feet some much needed TLC.

Next up is the REDKEN All Soft conditioner. I'm not one for being overly fussy with shampoo's as to be honest, I don't look for anything special in them. I do however, want conditioner's with a little something extra particularly for the ends of my hair which tend to be quite dry. This conditioner is supposed to be loaded with keratin and conditioning ingredients to soften and moisturise the hair.

I also got for my hair the Schwarzkopf Got2B Powder which is basically a volumising powder that you pour onto the roots for some extra lift. I haven't tried it enough yet to give you my honest opinion on it - it's a different kind of product than I'm used to using so we'll see!

Lastly, I got this awesome case from Cath Kidston, I'm a sucker for all things vintage looking and floral and so when I saw this for half price, I knew it had to be mine! Hey, it's practical too though, right?

And that's my haul! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave any comments you might have!

Levinia. xo


Review: Makeup Revolution's Ultra Contour Palette

Contouring. It's something I've only recently made a staple element within my makeup routine and even then, I'm not quite carving out new features into my face or anything like that. I am a fan however of the subtle contour - one that just emphasises your facial features in a natural, flattering way. 
With that in mind, I have been exploring the world of contouring products and one that I came across a few months ago was the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette.

What Makeup Revolution Says:

"The complete contouring and highlighting palette is here! The ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE has 8 powders for perfect contouring and sculpting. Including 8 brand NEW shades for contour and shaping, with an additional 2 of our favourite merged baked highlighters for illumination". 

The Shades:

Top Row

1. A light beige with barely any shimmer - this is a great shade for setting under eye concealer but can be used all over the face without looking like a disco ball!

2. This a yellow "banana" shade which is popular for setting the under eye for a bright, highlighted effect.

3. This shade makes a nice, subtle highlight and has a slight peach undertone to it.

4. This is a super intense, white highlight  - great if you like a strong highlight but can also be used in the inner corner of the eye as one too.

Bottom Row

5. This a medium brown with a warm undertone. This is great for bronzing the skin for lighter skin tones.

6. This is a cooler medium brown - I like to use this as a contour shade and it works really well. It's subtle and not overly harsh so it's great to be used in this way.

7. This is another warm toned brown which is darker than shade #5, it's great for a more intense bronzed looked on lighter skin and should also be suitable on medium to darker skin tones too.

8. This is another highlight, this time with a bronzed undertone to it - good for layering over bronzer or used on the cheekbones and certain areas of the face for a sun kissed look! 

My Thoughts:

This palette comes with 8 shades as mentioned above and this was the first thing that encouraged me to want to purchase it. There's a good variation here not just for my skin tone but other people's and for a palette of this kind, that's important. I don't think (as far as I know) this palette comes in a Light, Medium or Dark variation and so having a good selection of colours does help to make up for this. Another important point for me was that the bronzing / contour colours have different undertones meaning that I actually CAN contour with them as well as bronze up the skin if I'd like to as well. Paler skintones generally are more flattered by ashier tones of brown more so than warmer ones and this palette manages to cover both well.

I think that all of the shades blend well into the skin and are actually highly pigmented for their price point - particularly the bottom row of shades. They are finely milled which helps them to blend so nicely into the skin and I've found that they do last all day. My personal favourites are shade's 2, 4 and 5. At what works out to be £1 a shade, I'm really impressed by the quality of each in this palette and you're getting essentially four products in one in the form of a setting powder, a highlight, a bronzer and finally, a contour shade. This not only makes it easy and convenient to use but great to travel with as well. 


A Fragrant Christmas...

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Whilst the holidays are almost over, I thought I'd take the chance to reflect on some of the wonderful gifts I received in them. 

Working over Christmas at a fragrance counter has lead me to develop what some might call an unhealthy desire to own several beautiful smelling fragrances - if I didn't own enough already! So, with Christmas near to me, I took that as an opportunity to drop some not so subtle hints on the fragrances I'd love to receive off of my loved ones. Being the awesome people that my loved ones are, those hints were listened too and I was lucky enough to receive some fragrances that I'd been lusting over for quite some time! In this post, I thought I'd share with you and with the aid of Google, I shall be attempting to describe their scents to you as well!

1. Marc Jacobs - Oh, Lola!

This a sweet, floral and fresh scent that I've wanted for quite a while now. Like a lot of Marc Jacob's scents, it's light enough to wear daily and as always, comes with beautiful packaging!

Scent Notes:

Top Notes - Strawberry, Raspberry and Pear
Middle Notes - Magnolia, Peony and Cyclamen
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla.

2. Marc Jacobs - Decadence

The newest fragrance from Marc Jacobs, this is one I have only recently discovered. It is quite a mature scent to the ones usually released by this brand and indeed, to ones that I'd usually go for. It's a very sophisticated and luxurious smell and one that would be perfect for night time - though still light enough in my opinion to be worn in the day, too.

Scent Notes:

Top Notes - Plum, Iris and Saffron
Middle Notes - Bulgaria Rose, Jasmine and Orris
Base Notes - Amber, Vetiver and Papyrus

3. Thierry Mugler - Alien

A much loved and raved about perfume, this has always been one that I just haven't been sure about but have always been interested by. There is something so unusual about this fragrance that has always attracted me to this scent - it's a lot more intense and arguably muskier than scents I am used to wearing and so I've always been unsure of whether to get it. It's a very unique smell and one you'd definitely recognise instantly.

Scent Notes:

Top Notes - Jasmine
Middle Notes - Wood
Base Notes - Amber

So, those are the wonderful fragrances I received for Christmas. Are any of your favourites up there? If not, what are they?

Levinia x

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