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I first discovered TooFaced with my purchase of the infamous Chocolate palette about a year ago. I wasn't disappointed by the hype it had produced and from that day on, I knew I wanted to try more that the brand had to offer. 
Whilst I had dabbled with eye and lip products, I'd never tried anything they had to offer for the face and when the Sweetheart Blushes came on the scene, I knew I had to try one. A few months ago, I finally picked up the shade I'd been eyeing up for some time and today, I'm going to review it for you - enjoy.

Where to Buy From? Debenhams
How Much?  £24.00

What TooFaced Have to Say:

"In each baked, heart shaped blush there are three individual color swatches. The baking process and multiple colors create dimensional color to provide the look of younger, brighter, healthier skin. It’s like having Hollywood lighting wherever you go."

My Thoughts:

The first thing that I noticed about this blush is its packaging. Like with all of the TooFaced product's the packaging is so adorable, very girly and just well, pretty. I really like this aspect because it's nice for a beauty product to also look aesthetically good itself - especially if you like to display your makeup items. What I'm not so much of a fan of however is the Benefit-esque cardboard packaging. For something as expensive as it is, I would like to have seen better packaging made from a more durable material.

So, in terms of the product itself I'll firstly start by talking about the shade. As far as I am aware, the Sweethearts Blushes come in 3 shades, mine is called "Something About Berry". As mentioned in the description TooFaced provided for this blush, it is actually a trio which can be applied individually by colour or swirled together and applied as one. The colours within this blush are a mauve pink shade, a peach and a deeper magenta pink. When swirled together, you get a beautiful medium pink shade that has a gorgeous and subtle shimmer to it. 

The blush itself is baked and this is always a formulation of blush that I enjoy. I find colours to be more intense but at the same time, I find them to also be softer and easier to blend. I'd say this is definitely the case with this blush. I would however say, it is quite easy to get carried away and blend away the intensity on this blush so I'd suggest going slow and using more of a "patting" motion where you'd like the most colour payoff. The colour is really beautiful though and it adds a lovely natural glow and flush of colour to the cheeks. As stated, it is buildable depending on the look you're going for and I think this shade is versatile for a lot of skin colours. Having worn it for at least a good 6 hours, I can definitely say that it lasts well as well which is always a winner in my book. 

Overall, I'm really enjoying this blusher and I think it's really beautiful. I'm definitely interested in trying the peach shade in the range and I do believe this is a good quality blush that's worth the money - especially if you're a fan of brands like TooFaced. If the price tag is a little too much, I think this would make a great gift for a beauty lover. 

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