Uni Tips for Newbie Students!

As the first day of University draws closer for many, nerves are sure to be kicking in. You'll ask yourself questions like "How hard is the work going to be?" and "How will I make friends?" and the panic will increase. 

As I myself approach the final year of my University experience, I think I'm now qualified enough to write a post giving you a few snippets of advice that have helped me personally through the years. University should be far from scary and hopefully, this post might help you to see that.

Get Involved:

This one's pretty self explanatory; get in there and get involved! Join societies and schemes that interest you - this is not only a sure fire way to build up your portfolio and gain experience, but it's also a way to meet new friends. What better way to meet a potential new buddy then in an environment where everyone shares the same interests?

Balance is Important:

I'm definitely guilty of letting my inner-hermit control me a little too much. It's cool to enjoy your own company (I definitely do), but getting out there now and then and socialising is a great way to relieve yourself of the inevitable stress that approaching deadlines will bring. 
Hey, you might even like it. 

Note Down Those Deadlines:

Nobody likes to think of their deadlines but it's actually pretty handy is you face them head on. By that I mean know exactly when they are, note them down and be prepared. Knowing when those dreaded due dates are will allow you to know just how much time you have on your hands and that's going to make you feel a lot better about all that work, trust me.

Keep a Reference Book:

I hate references but unfortunately, they're a necessary part of most written assignments in University - especially if your course is theory heavy. Keeping a note of every useful reference you come across (and Harvard referencing them as you find them) is going to save you so much time when you come to writing future assignments - including your dissertation!

Do Things Early(ish)!

I'm a worrier and so early to me is basically as soon as I receive said assignment but don't worry, I don't mean that early. But, do try and get your work done with maybe a day or two to spare. Believe me, there's nothing worse then giving your work in on the day of the deadline - it's super scary and full of equally worried students pulling their hair out trying to get work done on time. The last thing you want is something to go wrong last minute and you don't hand that assignment in on time. 

And, that's pretty much all the wisdom I can think of for you right now. 
Hopefully, these little snippets of advice will help you to feel a little more prepared for Uni and a little more clued up on how to deal with certain aspects of it. If you have any University advice of your own, feel free to share it in the comments!

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