My Favourite Teas!

I am an avid tea drinker, it is probably one of the most quintessential British qualities that I possess. Though I am definitely accustomed to a good old cup of traditional English tea, I thought it only right to branch out a little and try some different kinds of tea. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite teas!

I really enjoy this selection of tea because it has a great range of flavours within it. All of the teas are caffeine free and made with natural ingredients which means they're great to relax with and enjoy any time of the day. 
There are five flavours in this selection which are: Strawberry & Raspberry (my personal favourite), Cranberry & Blood Orange, Blackcurrant & Vanilla, Mango & Strawberry and Cranberry & Raspberry.

I am a fan of peppermint tea but usually find it too strong for my liking. Recently however, I found this green tea from the brand Teapigs that has mint infused within it. For me, this is the perfect balance of the mint flavour and I think it works really well with the taste of green tea. The flavour is strong but not overpowering and the particular green tea they use in this brand is not as astringent and so is actually more on the sweeter side!

3. Clipper's Green Tea | £2.99

This particular tea is very refreshing and is in my opinion, just an all round easy to drink tea whatever the time of day. It makes a great replacement for normal tea and it's flavour isn't too overpowering either which I enjoy. I do like to add sugar to this as sweeter teas are more to my taste but it does taste very pleasant without it! If you're new to trying herbal and fruit teas, this is a great one to begin with.

What are some of your favourite teas? I'd love to know!

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