Bioglan Supergreens Powder

Today I'm mixing it up a little bit and doing a post that I've never actually done before; I'm going to be reviewing a food/drink item. The item in question is the Supergreens Powder from the brand Bioglan

But first, a little bit of information behind the product...

Bioglan's Supergreens Powder is a mixture containing all sorts of nutritional ingredients that are derived from fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and live cultures. There are varying flavours in the range but each serving of this powder is at least the equivalent of 10 portions of fruit and vegetables.

That all sounds pretty impressive, right? The whole concept that I could simply drink 10 portions of fruit and vegetables is what really caught my attention and so I decided I just had to give this product a go. In terms of preparation, you have quite a few options regarding how you consume this powder. You can for instance, put it into milkshakes, juices or even yoghurts - though there really aren't any rules in how you want to have it - whatever works for you.

As far as I have seen and researched, there are currently 3 flavours available in this range and I have tried all of them. My favourite by far is probably the Cacao mix which is equivalent to 14 portions of fruit and veg and my least favourite has to be the "Tropical" flavour (which tastes anything but) that is the equivalent to 10. Finally, there's also the Berry Burst flavour which doesn't have much to it in terms of taste but it is still quite pleasant. As I said, the Cacao mix is definitely my favourite because when mixed with milk, it literally just tastes like chocolate Nesquik which is a win for me.

In terms of seeing any effects or changes from using this product, I'd definitely say that it is a little early to really tell if anything big has happened. Like any healthy lifestyle change, you need to give it time for you to see improvements and development and this would need to be a product that you are regularly consuming. However, it is still in my opinion nice to know that I am consuming ingredients and nutrients that are good for me and having read reviews from others that have consistently used this product, it has definitely been said that they feel and even look better! I will be sure to update you guys in the near future on my thoughts and feelings on this product after continuous use - this post is mainly an overall review on my opinions on its concept and to tell you all about it.

At a price of £21.99, I do think this product is quite expensive but when I consider what it claims to be giving you in just one portion, it actually isn't that bad of a deal. One packet will last you for 2 weeks - for me, I have even found I can sometimes get 3 weeks use out of it, too. If we compare how much it would cost to physically eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetable a day, I think we can begin to see that the price difference may not actually be that big. Another thing that makes this product a little more worth it for me is the fact that it is regularly apart of Holland and Barretts "Penny Sale" offer meaning you can get over £40 worth (2 packets) of this product for the price of one - and that is when I like to buy it.

Overall, I think this is an interesting concept and one in which I think is definitely worth giving a go. Of course, already consuming fruits and vegetables in still definitely important but I think that this product is a great way to get some extra nutrition into your system which can't be a bad thing. As stated above, I'll definitely get into a more consistent regime with this product and I shall share with you my results in doing so!

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