What's in my Travel Makeup Bag?

They say a girl keeps her life in her bag... Now, while I'm not sure that's totally true, I definitely keep quite a few necessities with me in my makeup bag and in todays post, I thought I'd share them with you.

* FYI, I'm calling it a makeup bag but there's really not much makeup in my bag at all, on a daily basis, I only ever really take the lip product of that day with me! *

The bag I'm currently using is one I've had for a few years now and I love it. I originally purhchased it from ASOS and it's by Cath Kidston. It comes with a handy little mirror and I think it's the perfect size to travel with as it holds a really decent amount. 

As you can see, I keep quite an array of products in my little bag and it pretty much keeps me covered with the necessities I might need to grab for on a daily basis. Firstly, I have gathered quite the collection of perfumes and little perfume samples. Every time I get samples, I just throw them into my bag to use on the go - that way you're using up the sample and always have a nice scent on you if you ever forget one. I also carry with me the 30ml Vera Wang Princess as this is just one of my favourite go-to scents!

Moving on to only the real "makeup" that I have in my bag, I firstly carry with me oil blotting sheets. I don't really like to carry powder as personally, I don't like to wear too much of it. I have dry skin, so I'd rather blot any excess oil than powder over it as this can make my skin look ever drier. I also carry with me my beloved lip balms! I have a simple Carmex one and then also one of the infamous Maybelline BabyLips balm in the red shade - it gives a nice rosy / just-bitten colour to the lips. 

Next off, I carry a lot of "emergency" things such as plasters, a cute little tin (that I think once held mints) full of paracetomol, a nasal inhalant and of course, gum. I've been wearing in some awfully painful Dr Martens lately so I've also got some plasters with me, too! Clean and moisturised hands are important so I bring with me my favourite sanitiser; Soap and Glory's Hand Maid as well as a travel sized hand cream from The Body Shop.

And that's everything in my makeup bag! As you can see, not really much in the makeup department and a whole lotta perfume samples.. but hey! That's everything that I pretty much carry around with me whenever I leave the house. 

Now that you've had a peek into my bag, what's in yours?!

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