Review: Travalo Classic Excel

I am a definite perfume addict and I love always smelling nice (who doesn't?). It's nice to have a scent with you whilst on your travels - especially on those days where you might not have gotten the chance to put anything on. 
However, you don't always want to be hauling around a giant glass bottle in my bag when I want a little spritz of perfume so finding the item I'm posting about today was a pretty awesome discovery!  The item I'm talking about is the Travalo perfume atomiser. It's a tiny little bottle that you can carry any one of your perfumes in - this particular atomiser carries a decent 5ml which makes it perfect for travel and an ideal size to pop in your bag.

Using the refillable Travalo is really easy as well. You can use it with practically any perfume you have that can have its spray head removed. Then, all you have to do once you've removed the nozzle, is pump the Travalo up and down on the perfume bottles tube and watch it fill up! This process takes a few seconds and then you've got a cute little bottle full of your favourite scent ready to take wherever you want! The Travalo also doesn't leak - which is something I had worried about before getting it but luckily, it's totally leak free and safe to carry around, perfect! 

Overall, I think this is a handy little item to have and it's nice not having to carry around a massive bottle of perfume everywhere. It also carries a good amount which means you can get quite a few sprays out of it before needing to refill. This is a really useful little tool and I think it'd make a great gift for you or someone else!

You can grab a Travalo from FeelUnique for £11.49

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