TV Shows I'm Currently Loving

I am a self proclaimed TV junkie and I feel very lost without a show to watch every night. 
With that in mind, I thought I'd share with you the current shows I've been watching religiously lately - enjoy!

Game of Thrones:

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This one probably comes as no surprise as everybody I know seems to love this show. I'll admit, it took me a year or two to actually watch this series as I wasn't interested in the hype. However, I finally gave in one day and actually, I'm glad I did because this show is awesome! It has elements of fantasy, plenty of war and gore, giants and of course dragons - what more do you want?

Penny Dreadful:

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As a dedicated horror fan, this is a show I knew I had to watch after being suggested it by a friend. After the first episode I was well and truly hooked and I've been eagerly awaiting the new serious which started not long ago in early May. Penny Dreadful mixes elements of famous gothic horror and macabre tales such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray - it's beautifully written and I find it to be a really captivating show.


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You're probably not surprised that I watch this show either considering my taste for all things gore. This show is so beautifully written and produced that it's a delight to just take in the visuals even if
 the plot was terrible (which it's not, by the way). 
It's a brilliant and very interesting adaptation of the book Red Dragon - the first of the Hannibal series and it explores the relationship between the characters Will Graham and of course, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This is such a good show and I'd honestly recommend you check it out!


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Ah, another horror show, shocking right? This one is a little more on the comedic side however and is actually an adaption from a comic book. It definitely has it's darker elements but it's actually a fairly lighthearted show despite being about brain-hungry zombies! I've been really enjoying this lately and am sad to say the first season ended just last week -  I definitely look forward to the next.

So, those are the shows I've been currently loving - you should definitely check them out if you haven't already! And I'd love for you to give me some suggestions of the shows you love to watch as well! 
Thanks for reading as always.

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