A £1.99 Aussie Dupe?

I am a self proclaimed bargain hunter and I love finding ways to save money - what's not to love about getting results and the things you want whilst also saving a penny or two in the process? 
With that in mind, I just had to share you a product that I recently discovered which I believe to be a pretty bang-on dupe for a much loved product from a popular haircare brand.
I'm talking about this shampoo and conditioner pair from none other than Aldi. Aldi, you heard correctly!
 I believe this duo to be a dupe for an Aussie range of shampoo and conditioners. Aldi's brand is called "Carino" and this duo is from their Moisture range of hair products which I'm pretty sure is basically their version of Aussie's Miracle Moisture collection. 
Similarly, both products contain Australian Macadamia Nut Oil and are aimed at those of us with hair that's a little damaged and dry. On top of that, Aldi's Carino version also contains added aloe vera too. One of the most obvious similarities if of course the packaging and it is indeed very reminiscent of the design of Aussie bottles and this I''m sure is what draws people into trying them.

So then, are they as good Aussie? Well, I'd say so, yes. 

I can safely say that my hair felt just as soft, moisturised and conditioned as it does when I use Aussie's range. The shampoo cleanses the hair well and foams up nicely and the conditioner has that detangling effect as you apply it which I always look out for. My hair feels silky soft as I wash the products out and when my hair is dry, it definitely feels softer and with a little more added bounce. The one thing for me makes me particularly love Aussie as a brand so much is the wonderful scents of their products. The first Aussie product I ever tried had their infamous bubblegum scent to it and I fell in love. These babies have that very same smell though it is a little more.. 'chemically'. 

Aldi's Carino Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner retails at Aldi stores for just £1.99 each for 300ml - over HALF the price of Aussie's original version which retails at Boots for £4.19 for 300ml. And for a product that pretty much performs the same, I'd recommend you pop over to Aldi and bag yourself a saving!
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