REVIEW: NYX Concealer in CW10 Yellow

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well. Today I have a review for you on a concealer from NYX in the shade "CW10 Yellow" that I've been trying for the past few weeks, enjoy!

Firstly, I like the packaging of this product. This is my first NYX product (bar my Jumbo Shadow stick) and I think it has a sleek and simple design - it looks and feels like high quality. As with a lot of concealers, this particular concealer has a wand application which is something I do and don't like. I like it because I think it's good for more precise application but at the same time, I feel it means you'll never really use all of the product up because you won't be able to get it all out with a wand as opposed to a squeeze tube.

You may be wondering why exactly I chose a yellow concealer and the main reason was for the elimination of dark circles and redness. Of course, green is most known for it's abilities to counteract redness on the skin but taking in the fact that people have varying skin tones, I find green to make my skin look very sickly whereas I feel yellow better helps to blend into my skin as I tend to have warmer undertones in that colour. I predominantly get redness on my cheeks and on my eyelids and so I wanted something that would help to get rid of that and make it much less noticeable.

Upon application, I found this concealer to feel light and smooth on the skin. It's not a full coverage so bare that in mind but I'd describe it as more of a medium - and that's enough for me. It covers darkness and redness very well especially considering the coverage and it doesn't look thick or cakey in areas like the eyes where this can happen quite frequently. It does crease (slightly) but so do most concealers on me and so I feel this fact is more so due to my own eye shape than the concealer itself. 
It applies and blends well - it feels smooth and creamy on the skin and as I mentioned above, it feels light and pretty weightless which is always nice - especially on the eyes! Once set, it does stay put for a good while (maybe 6+ hours) which I am pleased with. As I said, it blends a lot better with my skin tone as though I am pale, I definitely do not possess porcelain skin and tend to have quite a warm, olive-ish tone to my skin.

Overall, I am very pleased with this concealer. I feel as if it covers darkness and redness well making it actually multi-purpose for my needs. It also makes a really great base for the eyelids - eliminating the discolouration of them as well as priming them well for further product application. This particular colour is far better than green for my skin and if you feel you have similar needs to me, I'd say this concealer is definitely worth a go. There are more within this NYX range and I'd definitely try them in the future!

I purchased my NYX Concealer from Amazon for the price of £8.45!

Have you ever tried NYX Concealers before? What's your favourite?

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