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A while ago I was contacted by the company GlassesShop.com and was asked if I would like to review one of their products. At the time, I'd started wearing sunglasses for the first time and upon visiting their site, I found they stocked them and so decided to take them up on their offer! In this post, I'll be reviewing the pair of sunglasses that I was sent as well as telling you my thoughts on the company as well - enjoy!

So, let's start off with a bit about the company and what they offer customers. GlassesShop.com aims to produce high quality prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices. They are also devoted to delivering the most fashionable choices in frames to make sure you can stay on trend. They deliver all over the world and their products are highly discounted and the company regularly offer you really great deals on top of this. 

As I said before, this shop offers both prescription eyeglasses as well as lots of cheap sunglasses (also available in prescription) for men, women and even children. They come in a wide range of styles, colours and shapes to suit your needs and tastes. I'm really impressed by just how much variation there is on this site - there's definitely something for everyone. 

Eyesglasses Variation.

Now, the sunglasses that I received were in the style "Limoges - Wayfarer" and I chose the shade brown/chocolate. I really love the infamous wayfarer style of these glasses and this is why I decided to choose this particular pair. I also found the colour and detailing of these glasses to be quite unique which is another reason that they called out to me. These sunglasses retail on their site for $29.95 (£19.54).

Picture from GlassesShop.com

After choosing the sunglasses, the delivery of them took around 2-3 weeks. This in my opinion is absolutely fine considering this was an international delivery - so that time frame is pretty standard. When I received my sunglasses, they were packed very nicely - ensuring that they did not get damaged in transit. You also receive as standard a clear, plastic protective case and good sized cleaning clothing with your sunglasses. I really like this free addition to my delivery because it meant I could use my sunglasses straight away without fear of damaging them and as a makeup wearer, it's always nice to have a cleaning cloth with me to wipe off whatever transfers onto them!

The style and aesthetic of these sunglasses is even more beautiful in person - they are very sophisticated in my opinion and are quite an understated pair of glasses. I didn't want anything too out there and these are really just right for the kind of style that I feel suits me best. I love the gold-detailing and the wood-like effect on the handles of these sunglasses and I feel like it adds that extra touch that makes them really stand out. They are definitely on trend and this particularly style would definitely suit lots of people - both male and female. 

They feel great and very sturdy in terms of quality - they've been loose in my bag several times and haven't scratched, broken or bent in any way. They're definitely a well made pair of sunglasses in my opinion and for their price range, this is something that particularly impresses me. 

Overall, I'm really happy with the sunglasses that I received and I'll definitely be continuing to get a lot of use out of them. They're stylish, well made and bang on trend which is exactly what you want out of a pair of sunnies! As someone who is also short-sighted, I know that frames can be very expensive and so next time I need new ones, I'll definitely also be checking out this company for their prescription glasses too. This company offers really affordable products in a huge amount of variation so at the very least, I'd definitely recommend you have a browse of their site - and I'm sure you'll find something you love!

* This product was sent to me for my consideration. This review contains my complete and honest opinion on said product. *

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