My Must Have Hair Styling Products!

Haircare is something I haven't really spoken about much on my blog but it's actually something I do take a lot of interest in. 
With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you all my current favourite products for styling my hair. If you'd like me to write another post in the future about my favourite products for washing and conditioning my hair, please do let me know! 

I don't really use hairspray as much as I used to, but it is a must for my fringe. Having thinner hair means it can fairly easily come out of place and look a little crazy. Having hairspray on hand helps to tame my hair a little bit and helps it to keep its style for longer. I love this hairspray from Fudge Urban mainly because it smells delicious. Unlike that alcohol scent you usually get from hairsprays, this has a delicious sweet scent to it which lasts! I also find that this spray gives me just the right amount of hold that my hair needs without those dreaded "crispy" ends!

I don't like to wash my hair every single day - it dries out my hair far too much and considering it's already subjected to colouring and heat styling, I want to retain as much moisture in my hair as I can. However, this doesn't stop my hair from getting a little greasy - particularly in the root and fringe area and so to combat this, dry shampoo is a lifesaver! I've tried a few other dry shampoos before but Batiste is one I'll always go back to because well, it works. It's not overly powdery on the hair and blends away quickly and easily. It mattifies the hair and soaks up a lot of oil  as well adding volume which is always welcome!

I first tried this brand when I purchased a small set from them featuring various minis of different products in their line. This particular oil treatment was in that very set and I've been using it for the last few months. It's worth noting that I don't use it everyday, but I'm still nonetheless very impressed by how far it does actually go. I like to apply this oil to my hair when it's damp after washing and when it dries, it leaves my hair feeling beautifully soft and ever so luxurious. I find it to be especially conditioning on my dry ends - and that's where I focus it on most. As the name suggests, this is the lighter version and I find it perfect for my thinner hair - it doesn't way it down at all. You can purchase the original version of this treatment for thicker hair, here. This is definitely a more expensive brand and while I can be quite wary of spending too much on hair care, I feel that this is a worthy investment and I'd definitely buy this product again and again!

While I try my best not to subject my coloured hair to too much to heat damage, sometimes it just has to be done. And so, it is important to have a good heat defence product to help protect my hair from as much of that damage as possible. Currently, I'm using this heat defines spray from TRESemme and so far, I really like it. This spray leaves my hair feeling soft and sleek as I blow dry or straighten it and I actually feel like it is protecting my hair. My hair doesn't feel as dry after styling and it retains a lot of softness as well having a lot of shine as well. This is a great essential for your hair and I'd recommend it!

This is a product from Tigi that I enjoy using after blow drying or straightening. It smells great and is lightweight enough for my thin hair. This cream formula helps to smooth out my hair and any frizz as well as adding shine to it. I just pump a little bit of this and mix it between my fingers and focus it on the bottom half of my hair smoothing it all the way through - it also adds that extra bit of softness to my hair which I love. This is a great product to help finish off your style.

So, these 5 products are my current holy grails of hair styling! I'd recommend them all if you haven't already tried them, and if you have? Make sure to let me know what you thought of them by leaving me a comment! As always, thank you for reading! 

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