My Favourite Highlighters!

As Summer draws nearer and the weather slowly becomes hotter, I like to go for more of a dewy, glowy look within my makeup. A great way to achieve this is through the use of highlighting and in this post, I thought I'd share with you my favourite highlighters! 

This is the only liquid highlighter that I own and I really love this one in particular because it has multiple uses. As well as using this highlighter alone, you can mix it with your favourite foundations to give you that beautiful radiant glow. As well as this, you really only need the smallest amount of product each time you use this highlighter so I feel as if this could honestly last for years! This is more on the pinker side as highlighting products go and has this beautiful pearlescent sheen to it. On the skin it looks soft and smooth and it blends effortlessly. This is great for an everyday, natural look. 

You've probably heard a lot about this highlighter in the beauty community. This highlighter is from brand "The Balm" and the product aside, I just love the vintage packaging! This is more of a champagne kind of colour and I feel that this is in particular what makes it so flattering on lighter skin tones. The formula of this product is so fine and smooth and it blends like a dream on the skin. This is a highly pigmented product and you really aren't going to need a lot. It's also multi-purpose and can be used as an eyeshadow, too! This is probably my all time favourite highlighter - it's just that good!

This highlighter from Sleek is part of their Face Form palette which also contains a beautiful blush and contour shade. The highlighter is also fairly champagne toned in it's hue but it's not as intensely pigmented in it's shade as Mary Lou-Manizer is. It's very nicely pigmented particularly for a drugstore product and it blends well too. It's quite a shimmery highlight and so a little does go a long way and after having this for quite a while now, I've barely made an indent! I'd definitely recommend this whole palette as the other two products within it are amazing!

This is a great little highlighter from MUA - it looks beautiful in the pan and very shimmery - which on the skin, it definitely still is. This has a strong amount of pigmentation for such an affordable product and it applies and blends smoothly to the skin. Be warned however, you can definitely easily use too much of this and look a bit like a disco ball so for this one in particular, less is more! It doesn't last as long for me as the products mentioned above but it does last for a good few hours which I still think is impressive with all things considered.

So, there you have my favourite highlighters for that gorgeous, glowy-skinned look. I'd love to hear what your favourites are so please do comment below and tell me!
Thanks for reading.

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