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Hello! I am a big fan of perfumes and nice smelling things, I particularly love sweet smelling scents - I'm a sucker for any perfume that smells like something I can eat pretty much... With that, I've now gained quite the collection of scents and I thought in this post, I'd share with you some of my favourites. 
I'm not the best at explaining scents unless "that smells nice" is descriptive enough (which I doubt!) so I'll be referring to the official explanations of the notes of the fragrances themselves so you can get a good idea of whether it's something you might like!

This is a scent that was pretty popular with people at one stage and it has remained a personal favourite of mine for quite a while now. I feel like this is a more refined, more sophisticated scent compared to the rest of my collection but it's definitely not overly musky or 'old lady' like. 

Scent - Floral
Heart Notes - Neroli, Orange flower & Jasmine
Top Notes - Orange, fleshy raspberry
Base Notes - Honey, Vibrant patchouli 

This again is a little bit more a refined, more mature scent - it's quite 'sexy' in the sense that it smells (as the name the suggests) quite exotic. Despite being fruity in scent, it isn't overly sweet and still retains a lot of warm and depth to it that I think makes it smell to me, more mature.

Scent - Fruity / Floral
Heart Notes - Frangipani Flowers
Top Notes - Mango
Base Notes - Sandalwood

One of the main reasons I love this perfume is because of it's adorable and unique packaging. Dot is a vert fresh and light scent - it's not overly sweet nor is it overpowering which makes it a great everyday scent. I feel it is quitr an elegant fragrance and this is one of my personal favourites.

Scent - Floral
Heart Notes - Jasmine, Coconut
Top Notes - Honeysuckle, Red Berries, Dragon Fruit
Base Notes - Vanilla, Driftwood

This is the cheapest perfume on the list as most celebrity fragrances are. Usually, i'm not a fan of celebrity frgrances and this fact stays true in terms of my lack of fan appreiation for Britney. Howver, I do have a lot of love for her scents which I find to be sweet, vibrant and long lasting. I love many of Britney Spear's perfumes and Midnight Fantasy has to be my favourite. It's a perfect Summer scent in my opinion - it may be a little too sweet for some but for me, it's just right.

Scent - Fruity
Heart Notes - Freesia, Irish, Orchid
Top Notes - Sour Cherry, Plum
Base Notes - Vanilla, Amber, Musk 

Despite it's pretty 'young' name and packaging, this is actually quite a mature and sophisticated scent in my opinion. It's not overpoweringly sweet as a lot of younger scents tend to be and is once again, one of my more refined scents - it's a fresh, flattering scent that I think a lot of you will enjoy.

Scent - Fruity / Floral
Heart Notes - Exotic guava, Tiare flower, Tuberose, 
Top Notes - Water Lily, Apple, Mandarin, Apricot
Base Notes  - Vanilla, Amber

Well, those are my favourite scents right now - did any of yours make it to my list? Let me know if they did or if not, what your fave fragrances are!

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