Hey! You guys may have noticed that I decided to change my domain and blog name. I'm still keeping it pretty simple with Levinia Jayne (Jayne is my second name by the way) but I actually quite like it and feel like it suits the direction I'd like to take my blog in a lot better.

Though of course I love beauty and fashion and it'll still be a prominent part of this blog, I have a lot of others things that I love to share with you and talk about. With that in mind, a little name change seemed in order and I definitely think it's a little more appropriate for the kind of content I want to write about!

One of the main things I'd like to introduce are more 'life' posts where I open up a little and share with you all parts of my life. As well as sharing it with others, I feel like that's a great way for me to document my own life as well - it's something to look back upon.

Anway, this was just a quick like post to update you on the change - I hope you're all well and as always, thanks for reading!

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