My Little Box: April 2015

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? My apologies - as you probably all know by now, I'm a Uni student and sometimes I get pretty swamped with assignments and deadlines. This past week has been one of those weeks in which I've basically been doing work non-stop - the joys! Anyway, I'm back and today I'm doing something a little different - an unboxing of sorts.

I've always wanted to subscribe to a good beauty box - I've tried Glossy Box and was not impressed at all but I've still been on the search for a good one. I've seen 'My Little Box' a lot on other peoples blogs and so decided to check out their site. My Little Box is described as:
"A handpicked and beautifully designed box of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises. With accessories, products and other goodies created exclusively for you and based around a different them every month, each box promise to delight the lucky recipient - be it you or a friend."

So, after checking out their site, I decided to go ahead and order my first box which was for the month of April. The theme of this months box was Dreams. Upon getting my box in the mail and checking it out I was instantly in love with its design and packaging. It feels and looks very cute, girly and most of all, like someone has put a lot of effort into it which I am a fan of.

Anyway, lets get into the box now. The first thing I saw in this box was a super cute piece of paper with an inspiring quote on it from Walt Disney. On the back, it encourages you to send yourself an email about your goals which via their website you will receive in exactly one years time. I feel like this is a really cute and fun little task you can do for yourself and the piece of paper will look great in a frame or just stuck somewhere on your wall for you to see! Under the paper was the 'My Little World' magazine that I believe always accompanies these boxes. It has some interesting tutorials, interviews as well as a little note area for you to write down your dreams for the month.

Underneath those two was the actual contents and items within the box - kept together neatly with a cute little bow. The first items I received were in a lovely little envelope-type container illustrated beautifully by My Little Box's own artist known as 'Kamako'

Within the container was an adorable stamp set with all sorts of awesome sayings and phrases on it - this is a great little piece to decorate your notebooks and diaries with and I think it will look really cute on display too. (I feel like I'm going to be saying cute a lot in regards to this box).

Rotating Stamp Set - £8.00, mylittlecorner.fr
I also received a little pendant necklance from the French designer Delphine Pariente as well as a 20% discount for her boutique items.

'Bonnie Etoile' Necklace - £20.00, Delphine Pariente
Next, in a little draw string bag (which you can totally re-use for something else) were the rest of items I received as well a card that tells you the price and information about your products. Firstly, there was a 100ml sized bottle containing a hair mask - this mask is from My Little Box's own beauty range; My Little Beauty. It has walnut oil and shea butter and is a repairing mask for dry and damaged hair.
 I also received a roll on, solid perfume from the brand Sabe Masson. Made in France, this perfume is non-alcholic and made from natural ingredients. The scent I got, 'Copacobana' is very fresh and pleasant - a lovely day time fragrance.
I also received a tinted Lip Balm from the Loved By range - it has a subtle, natural red tint to it which makes it perfect to apply on the go and keep in your bag at all times!

Sabe Masson Solid Perfume - £15.00, www.sabemasson.com/en/magasins
My Little Beauty's Repairing Mask for Dry Ends - £7.00, mylittlecorner.fr
Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage, £8.00, mylittlecorner.com

And that was everything for the contents of this months My Little Box! Overall, I'm really impressed with the box - the items themselves totalled £58 in their individual worth with the box itself only costing me £11 plus p&p! 
Not only that, I really love the unique packaging and the time taken to make the box about more than just the products - encouraging us to take part in cute little tasks as well as take part in their tutorials and DIY's.
 I think this is really lovely subscription service and I'm very impressed with how everything is put together and given to you - it's unique and I love the fact that a lot of the products are from France meaning a lot of the stuff are things we cannot easily get here in the UK. This is a service I think I'll definitely be continuing and I look forward to next month!

Are you subscribed to any monthly box's? If so, which ones?!

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