First Impressions: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!

Hi everyone! Today I'm pretty excited as I'm going to be sharing with you a palette that I have been lusting over for the longest time - yes, it's Too Faced's Chocolate Bar palette! I am so happy to finally have this palette and in todays post, I thought I'd tell you more about it as well share my first impressions. 

Now, this palette is highly coveted in the beauty world so I'm sure you've heard of it before. If not, here's a few facts about it:

1. The Chocolate Bar Palette contains 16 shadows ranging in both matte and shimmer finishes.
2. The shadows are made with the 'anti-oxidant rich' cocoa powder which you can smell as soon as opening the palette.
3. As with every palette, this one comes with Too Faced's Glamour Guide highlighting 3 looks of many that you can create.
4. All shades were completely new to this palette and to Too Faced's shadow collection.

The Shades:

Guilded Ganache: A dark chocolate brown with warm undertones. Shimmer finish.
White Chocolate: Warm, pale beige highlight colour. Matte finish.
Milk Chocolate: Mid, chocolate brown. Matte finish.
Black Forest Truffle: Burgungy-brown with burgundy & bronze shimmer. 
Triple Fudge: Deep brown shade with warm(ish) undertones. Matte finish.
Salted Caramel: Medium orange with brown running through it. Matte finish.
Marzipan: Warm, peachy orange. Frost finish.
Semi-Sweet: Medium dark brown with red undertones. Matte finish.
Strawberry Bon Bon: Cool toned, soft light pink. Matte finish.
Candied Violet: Smokey, cool toned violet shade with multi coloured shimmer.
Amaretto: Warm, medium brown with red tones and frost finish.
Hazlenut: Medium, golden bronze shade. Frost finish.
Creme Brûlée: Darkened gold with warm undertones. Metallic finish.
Haute Chocolate: Dark chocolate brown. Frost finish.
Cherry Cordial: Warm, plum-brown with flecks of sparkle. Shimmer/Matte finish.
Champagne Truffle: Bright, pinkish-white shade with a golden sheen. Metallic finish.

First Impressions:

The very first thing that I noticed about this palette is it's packaging. I love Too Faced packaging because I think it's creative, very cute and very girly - this palette is no exception and I think it's really nice to look at and have on display. Keeping to it's chocolate theme, the palette itself is shaped like a chocolate bar and I just think this is a cute, novel touch to it's overall design. One thing that I find a little annoying about the packaging however, is that the shadow names are not printed onto the palette itself and you get instead, a plastic transparent sheet with them on. For a more expensive palette, I would have liked them to be on the palette itself - (something Too Faced did take into consideration with the second, 'Semi Sweet' Chocolate Bar palette).

When you open the palette, you can definitely smell the cocoa - it's not overpowering though in my opinion and I find it to be really pleasant. The smell stays during application, but you cannot smell it once it's on the eyes from my experience. The shadows I have used so far blend beautifully, many of them are soft and buttery and remind me of Urban Decay shadows. There's little to no fallout from these shadows and they aren't powdery or dry. 

Overall, I think this is a beautiful palette with some really versatile, wearable shades. 
There are plenty of neutral palettes on the market and I definitely have my fair share - however, this palette is a little edgier with darker browns and deeper shades and I therefore think depending on your collection, this could definitely have a place in it. I think this would be great for the girl who likes everyday looks but perhaps wants to be a little more adventurous. Either way, there's a lot you can do with this palette alone and in conjunction with others so I'd definitely recommend it.
 And of course, it smells great!

You can get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette from Debenhams in the UK for £39.00!

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