REVIEW: Denman Brushes

Haircare has become something that I've been wanting to invest more time and well, money in. I want to be able to look after my hair a little more and hopefully find good quality products that are still affordable and effective. So, I thought a good place for me to start would be with getting a good set of brushes together. 

Denman is a brand I've heard a lot about in the beauty community and I received my very first one for Christmas just gone. I now have 3 of their brushes - varying in both size and use - and having had them for a while now, I think I can give you all a good review of them as well as letting you know why I like them and what I like to actually use them for.

This brush retails for around £6.75 and is as the name suggests, your classic hairbrush. It's one of those 'essential' hairbrushes for basic styling.

One of the things I really like about this brush is the fact that the pins (or bristles) of it don't have those horrible 'bead' things on the ends of them. As we probably all know, when those 'beads' break, it makes brushing the hair a very painful, scratchy experience. The pins of this particular brush however are made from nylon and are round-ended so there's no scratching. 

The pins of the brush are nicely spaced between one another which I think is one the reasons that this brush is actually great for brushing out wet hair. I know, it's not recommended to brush wet hair but to be honest, I'm pretty sure we all still do it. If I don't brush my hair out it becomes a messy, knotty mess and with this brush, I can easily and comfortably brush out my hair without any pulling. It works similarly to my Tangle Teezer, in fact!
I also love the sleek, sophisticated design of this brush - to me it just screams quality. I love the shinny black finish of the brush and the engraved lettering of the brand on the back. I think it's a really lovely designed brush and I can definitely see this being used in professional salons as the brand says it is.

This brush retails for around £9.79 and is great for conditioning and grooming your hair.

It has these strange 'porcupine' like bristles on the brush, which help to evenly distribute the oils from your root to the tip of your hair. This therefore helps to condition your hair and improve it's health as well as making it feel really smooth and soft. I like to use this brush to finish of my styles for that smooth, sleek look as well as just for brushing my hair through the day.

Once again, I really like the classic black and red design of this brush. It's sleek in design and is easy to grip and use. This brush has really in my opinion improved the feel and softness of my hair and over time, I think I'll definitely be seeing more of a different with continued use.

This brush retails for £4.29 and it's primary purpose is sectioning the hair and taming fly aways or bumps in your up do's. 

I think this brush works really well for those uses but I also find it really effective for backcombing due to it's long and tightly packed bristles. It's also perfect for combing out and taming that backcomb once you're finished with it or simply just for tidying up your look. 
Unlike the other two, this is a little different in design and is instead a bright orchid purple, which as a lover of purple I personally like! This brush is very effective and it does it's job well helping give my thin hair some lift and volume. 

So, those are my thoughts on Denman brushes and the ones that I have in particular so far. Overall, I think that as a brand, Denman offer quality hairbrushes for a very affordable and reasonable price. I'd definitely recommend then and a good starter brush would be the D3 Classic Styling!

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