What's in My University Bag?

Hey guys! So, as you can see from the title this is going to be a 'What's In My Bag?' University Edition. 
My going out / non-Uni bag isn't too different from this with a few exceptions, but I will at some point probably do a post on that as well. Anyway, enjoy!

River Island Bag - £25.00
So, this is the bag that I will be using for University for now. It's from River Island and I got it as a Christmas present, as I chose it however, I know it was purchased for £25.00! 
What I really like about this bag is it's simple, classic design. I really like plain, black bags just because they pretty much go with anything. It's also surprisingly big so I can fit everything I need to in it easily which is important for me. I love shoulder bags as I find them the most comfortable to wear and I like the additional chain detail on this one.

CASTELLI 2015 Diary, WHSmith - £9.95
The first two things I'll be keeping in my bag are my diary and pencil case. I was looking around for a good, quality 2015 diary which had all the dates laid out within it and I found this one whilst in WHSmith. It has everything I need with room for notes under each date as well a whole page to jot stuff down. It also has a calendar within it, as well as other useful information!

 Second is my pencil case which I also received as a Christmas present. This is a Cath Kidston pencil case and is only the start of many other CK things you'll be seeing in my bag...

Vera Wang Princess - £39.50
Cath Kidston Makeup Bag - £12.00
Next off, I have a perfume and my makeup bag. The perfume is Vera Wang's Princess and it's one of my all time favourites. I keep this in my bag because it's such a cute, petite size and so it fits perfectly. It's handy for days when I perhaps have forgotten to put any perfume on or when I need freshen up! I got this in a recent haul from Debenhams for just £20 as part of a gift set!

Yeah, so I wasn't kidding when I said you'll be seeing more Cath Kidston in my bag - I'm pretty obsessed with the brand. This is my makeup / essentials bag that I carry all sorts of things in. I'll probably do a post about just what exactly is in it so stay tuned for that!

Pukka Pad 200 Page - £8.29
Cath Kidston Notebook (Part of a set) - £10.00
Of course, at University you take a lot of notes so a notepad is a necessity. I recently bought this massive Pukka Pad from Tesco and I really like it particularly because it has dividers in it as well as slots for spare bits of paper. This means I can keep myself organised which is something I love to be!

And what do we have here? Oh.. another Cath Kidston product. This is just a cute little notebook I bring with me for any Uni related notes I need to make; whether it be on assignments or things to remember!

River Island Purse - Old!
Cath Kidston Lanyard - £3.00
Cath Kidston Key Fob - £4.50
Cath Kidston Bus Pass Holder - £6.00
In my bag I also carry this super old wallet that I got a while back from River Island. It's just a purple purse with hearts stitched in it as well as some studding. It's a great size for carrying what I need with room for change, too!

I also have my bus pass and keys - the bus pass case and lanyard are both (shockingly) Cath Kidston purchased from Selfridges! I also have a cute little key fob from her and probably my favourite ever key chain: a little Thor's hammer!

Beats Solo HD's - £170.00
Bus journeys are long and I need something to wake me up in the morning. That's where music comes in and of course with that, comes headphones. I'd been debating over Beats for a long time and finally last year, I got some! I absolutely love them but don't wear them enough for the price so I've decided to make sure I always bring them with me so I will!

iPod Nano 4th Generation
Forever21 Compact Mirror - £3.00
Lint Brush - £4.09
Now we're getting into the last few things I keep in my bag... I firstly of course have my iPod to go with my headphones this is just the 4th or 5th generation Nano. I have had this for years and I've kept in mint condition. For me, it was the perfect size and I will be using it for many more years to come until it gives up on me!

I also carry a mirror because you know, I can be a little vain and like to check my makeup and hair now and then! I also carry a little lint roller just because I have animals and animals mean fur on my clothes!

Gloves - £7.00
And that brings us to the final item in my bag which are these cute, knitted gloves from Forever21. It's cold in the UK - need I say more?

That's everything in my bag - thanks for reading!

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