Hey guys! I know it's been a few days or so since I last posted - I've just started back at University again so the last few days have been dedicated to trying to get back into the swing of things! Anyway, this is going to be a relatively short post on a beauty tip that I tried not long ago.

So, I use quite a few products that are gel and cream based. Over time, these products can tend to dry out and that really affects our abilities to use and apply them properly. I don't know about you, but I really don't want to be spending money on getting a replacement of a product that I still have loads left of.

Well, not to worry! 
I recently discovered a brilliant and easy way to revive your dried out gel liners and cream shadows; your microwave! Yep, simply pop your pot into the microwave for around 30 or so seconds whilst checking in intervals of around 5-10 seconds. Once done, you should see that your products have melted down and it'll probably look a bit gloopy - simply mix it together again with something thin such as a clean tooth pick or a pin and tah-dah! You have your soft and creamy gel liner back again and ready to use to it's full potential. You're welcome.

 (it's important that you first consider these steps and follow them to avoid any accidents):

  • I have tried this technique on my Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow AND Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liners so far. I CAN'T therefore speak for any other products so, MAKE SURE you research the products prior to check for any ingredients that may have an adverse reaction when met with heat!
  • This probably seems obvious but PLEASE, make sure you DO NOT leave the lid on your pot when putting it in the microwave and be sure NO element of it is made of METAL.
  • Make sure your pot is made of GLASS only and not anything that may melt or burn.
  • KEEP CHECKING the microwave to see how the process is working and as I said, do so in intervals. If you hear any strange noises or it seems like something odd is happening, stop!

Now all that is out of the way, I hope you try this method and have success with it! 
Please comment below and share what product you used this method with, too!

Thanks for reading.

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