REVIEW: Moroccanoil Treatment Light!

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing the Moroccanoil Treatment - which is basically an oil for your hair. 
I've been using said product for around a month or so now so I feel prepared to tell you my thoughts and feelings about it! Enjoy.

About the Product:

This treatment is described as being a versatile and nourishing product that is residue-free. It can be used for conditioning, stylish and as a finishing tool on the hair. It is supposed to also be great with use with other hair products as well as helping to speed up drying time on wet hair. The product itself is meant to help repair hair by restoring it's lost proteins; it's fatty acids, omega 3, vitamins and it's antioxidants which helps to restore it's strength and shine. 
Sounds pretty good, right?

How to Use:

As recommended by the Moroccanoil site, this product can be applied to clean, towel dried hair. You are meant to massage the product from the mid length all the way down to the ends - you can then blow dry your hair or simply let it dry naturally. This product can also be applied to dry hair as a way of finishing off your look and taming any frizz or fly aways!


As with all Moroccanoil packaging, this bottle is sleek and simple in it's design. It again has the recognisable white and teal colouring on it's label and the bottle itself is made from glass which for me, makes it feel like more a higher end product (which I guess it technically is). In the bottle, you get 25ml of product which I believe is the smallest size they do. You can also get 100ml and 125ml bottles.

My Thoughts:

So, on first use of this product the first thing I noticed about it was it's smell. It has a really lovely, salon-product smell - which is the best way I can describe it. I can't really compare to any kind of scent or smell that is recognisable, but I can say that it's really very pleasant and not overpowering. The scent remains in your hair all day and I really like it.

What I have also noticed after weeks of using this product is that it lasts for ages! I've used it consistently for this period time after every hair was (around 3 times a week) and it still looks as if it's a full bottle. So, a little bit really does go a long way with this. 

When applying the product to my hair, the formula does indeed feel lightweight. This particular version of the treatment is intended for fine hair and I can confirm that it doesn't way it down nor leave it feeling greasy. There's no nasty residue and it glides through my hair with ease.

Almost instantly, my hair feels softer - I focus this particularly on my ends and I can safely say I see and feel a difference. My hair feels lovely and soft, it's much more manageable and easier to brush though and it gives my hair this beautiful, luxurious shine! It feels highly moisturising and hydrating and really helps to prevent frizz, too!

Overall, I'm really impressed with this product. I feel like the results are obvious - the softness of my hair and the shine being the main benefits that I have seen. More so that most leave in treatments, I really feel like this is conditioning my hair and making it more manageable. It smells wonderful too and all throughout the day my hair smells and feels lovely. I'd definitely re-purchase this product again when it actually gets used because right now, it seems to be lasting forever! For 25ml, this product costs around £13.45 and in my opinion, it's worth every penny. This is a versatile, multi-purpose product that does what it says and I think considering it's lasting power, it's actually a good deal. You can purchase this particular item from LookFantastic for the price above!

Have you tried any products from this brand? What are your thoughts?!
Thanks for reading.

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