REVIEW: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy!

Hey guys! I hope you're all well, today I have a review for you on Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in the shade Anarchy.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick - £15.00

Higher end lipsticks are something I can be very picky about and so far there are a few brands I feel are worth that higher price tag. After trying the lipstick from their Pulp Fiction collection, I pretty much fell in love and knew I wanted to try more lipsticks from Urban Decay. I spotted the shade Anarchy and thought it looked amazing so I picked it up one day whilst browsing through the makeup stands in Debenhams!

 About the Product:

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks are described as rich pigmented, with 23 shades to choose from - something for every skin tone. They are also described as being nourishing, long lasting and hydrating on the lips.

Packaging and Colour:

First off, I adore the packing of UD lipsticks. I think they just ooze high end - they are exactly what higher end products should look like. The packaging looks and feels expensive and for the price, that's exactly what you want and should expect. It's sleek and modern and something you'd therefore really enjoy having on display if that's what you're into! Thumbs up for the packing, then.

 I bought my lipstick in the shade Anarchy which is a gorgeous, rich and bright pink shade.

Formula and Finish:

The formula of this lipstick is intensively creamy and it has that appearance in it's finish. So, it's not matte but it's definite not glossy either. It has a really nice sheen to it that I personally really like. It's not overpowering but really helps to make the lips look plumper as well as steer away from a dry look which is never wanted - especially in colder months.

This lipstick is definitely highly pigmented and in one swatch you will easily have your lips covered and opaque. I'm very impressed by the pigmentation and I think it's one of the reasons this product can justify it's price tag.

Application and Wear:

Being so creamy, this lipstick can smudge but the colour does last. I've worn this for a whole day on a few occasions now and this is something I can definitely vouch for. Being so creamy, it will naturally transfer if you touch your lips but from my experience, it doesn't come completely off or start looking like you only applied it to the rim of your lips (we've all been there).

As I said, the wear time is really good and it stays feeling creamy on the lips throughout. I'd definitely recommend a lip liner or good primer to be applied before application because it can bleed a little bit. It does feel extremely comfortable on the lips and it's hydrating and moisturing feel is one of the reasons I really wanted to try more UD lipsticks.

Overall, I love this lipstick and can't really think of anything bad to say about it. Yeah, it does transfer a bit and can bleed but that's what you get with creamier lipsticks. Personally, this doesn't really bother me but if you hate the sound of that, perhaps sticking to matte lipsticks is better for you. However, for the sheer pigmentation, comfortable feel and long lasting wear of this lipstick, I'd definitely recommend you try one.

Have you ever tried Urban Decay lipsticks? What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading!

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